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June 6, 2005, 7:13 am
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So my sister (and nephew) have returned back to England and I miss her. Her visit was lovely, brief (9 days) but lovely.

Sadly they brought the English rain with them, so it pretty much poured sometime (if not all) of the day after the first 2 days of sun. Mind you it's probalby good for 122 yr old James to see that Florida is NOT Paradise and sunny all the time!!

Matt (16) and James were stuck together like glue, did everything together. My younger girls were a bit miffed that James really had no desire to hang out with them – he's a boy's boy and only had eyes for Matt and doing boy stuff with Matt!

I even got my sister Melanie to come to Jazzercise with me (4 times even) and she did great. We also started designing the “split” of the girls room. – How to make 2 girls who share a room and profess to 'hate each other' feel like they are not sharing a room!! So they picked out their favourite colour (wow 2 words with the UK 'ou' vs US 'o' only in them!!) palettes and my sister also did some COOL 'photoshop manipulation' to some photos for the girls to frame on thier walls – check these out, click on the thumbnail to see the full size image.

Twix n Twiz

Twix n Twiz



Family Tree

Family Tree

Family Tree

Off to wake up the kids, we're all off to Jazzercise this morning (well me and the 2 little girls)


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