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Sure is quiet at 50%
June 20, 2005, 7:49 pm
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Huh? – Well the Blond Blue-eyed contingent of our family is gone for the week. Nils, Matt (16) and Maddie (9) all left yesterday for Surf Camp (YES – EVERY year they leave on Father's Day!) up in Cocoa Beach.

So it's just me, Melanie (14) and Kenzie (8 in a week) for the week. Oh and of course the 2 fur-kids!

It's nice, it's quiet (no squabbling between Matt & Mel or Maddie and Kenzie (most prevalent!) and even though the weather is rainy, hot and humid, it was a good day.

Got my first ultrasound that WASN'T of my uterus today!! My Endocrinologist wanted me to get an US of my gall bladder and Liver, just to make sure things are ok there since some of my levels are a bit screwy right now. It went well, and was the opposite to the torturous US I remember when PG – ie NO water or food from midnight the night before, so no painful full bladder, just dizzy I need caffeine and food symptoms!!

Then the 3 of us (minus the dogs) went to a friends house (with a pool) to see her new 8 wk old grandson – lemme tell you this woman just turned 50 and she looks incredible – been working out with a trainer, she is slim, muscular and looks fantabulous, made me feel like a slob!!

Then I actually watched Napoleon Dynamite for the FIRST time ever – all my kids know the movie dialog by heart. Well sorry to tell you all I thought it was a stupid and pointless movie and I don't think I laughed once!! Oh well can't be everyone's cup of tea.

Now I liked “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” SO much I am going to see it again with Melanie tomorrow (I took the 2 little girls the first time) – really GOOD movie – and another one I saw recently on a Mummy date with Matt was “Crash” – brilliantly done – quite violent but very touching, moving story.

The countdown has started for us leaving to Japan, and I am both excited and getting panicky ! Will I get everything done before I go that I need to, will I remember everything I need to take with me, will the dogs be OK with Firefighter Bernie, will they remember us when we come home! will I.. and the list goes on in my head!!

Then I remember that worry won't make anything happen, so I am going to stop worrying and just make lists!!

Tootles, off to watch TV with my 2 girls.

Oh and don't forget to look at this week's POTW


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