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In a week we'll be IN Japan!
June 24, 2005, 11:52 am
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WOW – This last week FLEW by – Nils, Matt and Maddie are due back tonight from surf camp (no doubt with a mountain of 'surfer style' stinky laundry to be done! I did manage to get quite a bit done this week though.

I ordered the bazillion Yen we need to take with us (since where we are going up in the Nagano mountains, it's pretty much cash only, no credit card or American Express traveler's cheques convenience!) I am a tad worried taking that much cash with us (you work it out 6 people for 21 days!!) but I figure if we split it in half and duct tape it to our bodies (Nils and I that is) it should be safe !

I also renewed my driver's license – first time in AGES that I had to do it in person and not by mail. I had a slight 'scare' on the vision test though. This was the only thing I needed to take being “one of them there safe drivers” you know – OK you can stop laughing now, I AM a safe driver!

Anyway I couldn't read the far left column of letters. But the lady figured it out pretty fast and asked “Have you had lasic surgery?” and I answered yes – so she asks “did they undercorrect one eye for close up stuff?” Yes I said (actually when I had the lasic I ASKED for full correction on both eyes, but I guess they are SO used to doing the undercorrection on one eye in people over 40 they did it anyway – and NO I am NOT going to sue them, it's better in the long run, prolongs me getting glasses again and I am used to the 20/20 in right and 20/30 in left now.

So phew I GOT my license (with a B restriction – which means the left side mirror !!)

I even got all the suitcases down ready for us to start packing this weekend.

I had a quiet night last night – Melanie went to a friends house and Kenzie BEGGED to stay at Grandma's again (she and her friend from that neighbourhood were here the previous night) so I was all alone with the 2 fur babies!!

So I went to work on my latest web-redesign project. The lady had finally given me the copy/text and images, and decided on the finalized look of the site and she wanted it up online before I left for Japan. So I started working on it at 7pm and at 3am I was done and went to bed!! I hope she likes it

This shows her OLD site and this is the NEW site I designed

Now I need to go get the 2 kids from where they are so we are all home ready to welcome home the sandy surfers!


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