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Happy Birthday Kenzie and about 48 hrs to go!
June 27, 2005, 4:31 pm
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Kenzie with her Monkey towel in a bagSo today is Kenzie's birthday – my baby is EIGHT !! WOW, time flies!

We all celebrated her birthday yesterday at Grandma's as Nils is on duty today. This is her with her Towel in a bag – she loves anything with monkeys on it! She was thrilled with her CD player.

I bought the monkey towel for her from my Mum in England and she LOVED it.

She also picked out a Chocolate by Death cake from Cold Stone, which Surprised us all as she is a Vanilla girl all the way (like me) and always says she doesn't really like chocolate!! It was supposed to have peanut butter in it too, but it sure didn't taste like it although it did have reeses peanut butter cups on the top of it. My Opinion, it wasn't worth the $20 – Publix cakes are MUCH better!

So I am still not fully packed, but since everyone keeps asking me what a “capsule hotel” is (we are staying in one for one night in Toyko to see Tokyo for a day before heading up to the Nagano Mountains for the rest of the 3 weeks.) I decided to find out (for me and the kids too!)

So I did a trusty google image search thingy and found some COOL pics – now I am really excited because they are WAY bigger than I imagined, certainly no claustrophobia for me! Check out the photos (click them for bigger size)

Capsule Hotel Corridoor Another Row of Capsules
Another Row of Capsules Capsule Hotel Corridoor
Another Row of Capsules Another Row of Capsules

Another GREAT birthday pressie for Kenzie today – while going through an old bag we found her GameBoy which has been “at Grandma's” for about 6 mths now – LOL – whenever my kids lose anything and can't find it, their standard answer is “It's at Grandma's”

Grandma's house must be riddled with little theiving Gremlins that take all my kids stuff, hide it, use it, break it and even have the audacity to bring it back to OUR house and hide it again!

Well off to pack some more! – Probably won't, in fact won't be able to do any updates from Japan. You will all just have to wait with baited breath until I get back for phtoos and trip reports!


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