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Off to Japan in the morning – see ya in 3 weeks!
June 29, 2005, 8:14 pm
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Nils on the Scooter with the 2 pupsSo here is a photo of the pups to tide you over – Nils JUST called to say he dropped them off at Bernie's (Camp Buddy for them) and his 110lbs Dobie Buddy is in heaven with his two 10 lbs furry Norwich girls!!

Twix watched Nils leave through the glass door with a sad face 😦 Twizzler is oblivious still and prefered playing with Buddy! Nils sounded sad!

I just got my hair done by the FABULOUS Robyn, who comes to my house (Mel and Maddie had theirs cut too.) NO picture of mine this time – it looks the same as it did when I had it done on May 12th (check the What's NEW page if you are curious!)

Managed to get the complete partial design of the Donna and Brant dot com web site today so that they can use it while I am gone and I will finish the rest of it when I get back. You should check it daily – their his and hers approach and dual blog is a hoot!

The suitcases are all packed, had a slight panic when we could not find the keys that lock all the suitcases, but realizing that international travel won't let you lock them anyway – we opted for luggage straps from trust old Wal-Mart for $3 each!

Nils firefighter buddy Gary arrives at 4:30am tomorrow to drive us all down to Miami airport.

So I am signing off – gonna post one last email to my elists then relax for a bit, set all my email to digest mode and we're outta here!

and Nils, the 4 M&M's
Twix and Twizzler are staying in USA to hold down the fort!


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