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Guess what – the photos are finally done & on the web site
July 28, 2005, 8:08 pm
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Forgot what this means!
YIPEE! My goal was to get the photos done and online in less than a week from our return and I DID it! Even one day early!!

What a mammoth task though! The link again is THIS

Nils asked while I was working on it for obviously longer that he thought I should be doing, “can't you just zip up the ones you picked into a slideshow & upload that?”

Oh how little they know!! For starters the digital images are high resolution and so are HUGE pixel wise, so first each one has to be reduced to 600 pixels wide or you'd all be scrolling right and down forever.

Then I added captions to them all, or else you, the viewers would be lost at what you are looking at – which means a separate web page for each of the 156 photos – it all takes time.

I dunno, those not 'in the know' to html and web design seem to think it's a snap!!

Hope you enjoy them – if you do visit and look at them, please sign the guestbook, we love to get comments!


Still working on Japan photos! – I miss my teenager!
July 27, 2005, 9:50 pm
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Is that an oxymoron? Aren't you supposed to NOT want to be around your teenager?
Katelyn, Brittany & Melanie
Melanie left yesterday with all her buds to go to Youth Camp (Disney World) for 5 days. She was THRILLED and excited about this, particularly because she had just spent 3 weeks apart from her friends (physically as well as no phone calls, no IM'ing till the wee hours of the night)

But I miss her already – Saturday will be here before we know it.

I have decided that I am going to do the MAMMOTH task of “Back to School” shopping at Wal-Mart at 3am! I have run in there once or twice in the last few days – it's a mob scene!! Since I have 4 separate lists to 'fill' I think I want the peace and quiet at 3am (I sure HOPE it is not crowded then too!) – gotta love those 24 hr shops.

I also need to do uniform shopping for them all (next week)

OK, back to the Japan photo picking, editing, web page creating and comment adding

MWAH to you all!

We are BACK, still in catch-up mode!
July 25, 2005, 7:40 am
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A short summary

“20 days of FANTASTIC fun, sandwiched on either end by 48hrs of traveling HELL!”

More coming soon, still in catch-up mode, took almost 1000 photos and video too – will have to hand pick which ones I put online. Nils did a journal too, which I will put online once he types it up!

Coming home is exhausting! Was Super relaxed there (excluding the journey each way of course!)

We all missed the dogs like crazy and they went NUTS when we picked them up – squawking, squealing and tears galore (from dogs AND humans!!)

Here is the link to BOOKMARK for the Japan report (cool place holder and some sneak peak photos there now)