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*7* more days to go – Back to School Supplies
August 2, 2005, 8:34 pm
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Back to School Supplies - Everyone needs a puppy at School! 
Twizzler (6 mths old now) on top of what “Back to School” supplies amount to with FOUR kids !! Yes Twiz *IS* a mountain goat, but actually didn't jump up there herself, she was put up there (and gently taken off) by me!

Yes TWO FULL and LARGE containers FULL of stuff!! – That is about $150 worth of stuff too – Mind you I did NOT purchase the TI graphing calculators, at a whopping $100 a piece, that were on BOTH Matt and Mel's lists!!

Matt assures me that he will fail his class without it (11th grade) but we are going to verify that with his teacher first before shelling out the $100.  When I asked him WHY the calculator was on Melanie's list too (9th grade) and would she need it ??  He said that NO she would NOT need it in 9th or 10th grade – but you HAD to have it in 11th grade.

OK here is my question – WHY on EARTH does a teacher put a $100 calculator on a “Back to School” list TWO years before it's really needed????

Matt helpfully (?!) answered that it was so that the kid would have it already when they needed it in 11th grade.

WHAT?? Let's buy a $100 calculator 2 years before we need it, so that we have ample time to lose and or break it by then ????

Tomorrow bring “a trip to the uniform store” – I guess I should be thankful the BTS stuff was only $150 as the uniform is going to be WAY more than that!!!

Calgon take me away – Mantra starting, “Only *7* more days to go, 7 more days to go, 7 more days to go, 7 more days to go”


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