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My Baby Boy got Mugged, Beaten up and Robbed :(
August 9, 2005, 12:18 pm
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I still see his as this - Click for FULL page 
Yes it's true, that's not just a dramatic blog title to hook you into reading the entry!,

My son experienced a dose of, “Welcome to the real world, it's ugly out there” last Friday night. Even though he was physically beaten up too, I think it took it's toll emotionally more than anything.

Ok, so I fully aware that he is NOT still 2 years old, and that NOW he is 16.5yrs old, bigger and taller than me now, and looks like the second photo ……………………………….but I still see him as my little golden boy sometimes and this past weekend was definitely one of those times.

Matt nowThis first photo of him (at age 2.5) is part of a scrapbook layout I did a long time ago – it is titled “Oblivious of Tomorrow” and was done to depict the day before his 1st (of 3) sisters came into the world.(You can click the image to see the full scrapbook layout.)

It just seemed so fitting to me right now; a face of innocence and happiness on the eve of a day that changed his life forever.

Certainly a parallel in my mind to what last Friday must have been for him.

I think what hurt him the most was that his 3 'friends' that were walking home from the store with him (10pm) just ran off and left him when the blue blazer pulled up and the 2 guys jumped out and mugged Matt. 

He also lost $100 – he'd JUST taken it out of the bank that morning to go to the “Warp Tour” concert (he didn't go in the end) and it's 1/3 of ALL the money he has in his account 😦


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