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I just DON't agree with this…………
August 10, 2005, 7:04 pm
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Matt now 
OK, so my blog is going to be all about Matt right now!!!

Today was BTS (Back To School) for all 4 of my kids (forgot to take a photo of them all this morning, will have to do that tomorrow morning!) – I thought they all looked smart. Once again this is a recent photo of Matt. I don't call his hair long. I call it lovely!

OK so I dropped off the 2 younger ones at one building, then off to the High School building to drop off the older two.

Not sure if it is a good thing or a bad thing that I had didn't just drop them off and leave; but I have to park and go in (to pay tuition)

I was not in the admin building for more than a minute when at least 3 teachers came up to me and said, “Matt's hair is too long, he won't be admitted until it's cut, you might as well take him now, we're just going to call you right back to get him anyway”

Sigh – I just want to go on record that I think this particular rule  (well and the boys aren't allowed earrings at all one too) at the esteemed “Trinity Christian Academy” is old, outdated and rather petty.  I don't think it is a battle they should persue or hang on to like pit-bulls, which is what they seem to have done in the last year.

Mind you the girls can do pretty much whatever they want to do with their hair (bar dying it blue or green) – it can be ANY length, NOT tied up. But NOOOOOOOOOO the boys rule is different – Cannot be touching the ears, eyes, or collar.

Matt nowThey had a ROOM FULL of boys that had been 'pulled out of class' for this infraction!

So I took him with me – Obviously there are NO hair cutting places open till at least 10am.  So he came with me to Jazzercise (since I am now the Class Manager)  and lay around on the floor while I sweated my heiney off from 9am-10am!

I just CANNOT believe that the school would rather have them miss at LEAST 3 hours of school for this, instead of sending home a note saying “IF you bring your child back to school tomorrow without cutting his hair THEN we will not allow him to stay!”

Luckily there is a new hair cutting place right by the Dance Studio we have Jazzercise at, so at 10.01am he got it cut, and I tool him back to school at 10:30am. Apparently only 2 boys other than him actually came back, the others missed the entire day.

I think he looks great even with the new haircut, but the teens these days like it longer, so he's a bit bummed – he gelled it in this photo I just took which is why it looks darker.


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