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When it Rains, it Pours, literally!!
August 15, 2005, 10:27 pm
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It's a Whirpool 
What does that old saying mean anyway?

OK so I know we live in Florida and it's Hurricane season right now and so afternoon thunderstorms bringing torrential rain aren't uncommon, but I wasn't expecting to have to see water INSIDE my house as well this weekend!

Naturally, Murphy's law and all that, Nils was on duty this weekend, not just ONE day but BOTH days; paying back a shift to someone who worked for him while we were in Japan. This means that if there are things that are about to go wrong, it will of course happen this weekend while he is gone for 48 hrs!

OK so water incident #1 was on Saturday and was in our shower – I was in there peacefully enjoying the hot water, when all of a sudden an fire-hose force jet-stream of water pinged me RIGHT in my eye. Took me a while to figure out where it was coming from too. By then it had had ample time to squirt high-pressured hot water up and OUT of the shower into the bathroom!!

I grabbed the hose and clamped my hand over the sprung leak/hole!! Phew – but then I had to remove the showerhead (to reduce the pressure) so that I could finish my shower and rinse my hair – now it felt like I was using a garden hose (with not much pressure) out in the back yard. But my lovely 14 yr old daughter (who came running when she heard the shrieking from me!) informed me that it was SLIGHTLY better than that since I wasn't actually starkers in teh back yard with all the neighbours watching!!

OK so that wasn't too bad, you can still wash with a hose for a shower and there's always the last resort of using the kids bathroom! I thought, well I've had my glitch and water clean-up for the weekend now……….HA!

Later that day, I got into the utility room for something out of the pantry and the floor by the washer and dryer is 1 inch deep with water??? It is pouring out of the bottom of the washer (that is running and about to empty from a rinse cycle)

More shrieking! We grab all the towels we can find and throw them on the floor to mop up the water – I ask both Matt and Mel (who had started the wash) if they had noticed it during the many times both of them had been in and out of the pantry recently. Matt says, “yeah I thought it looked wet” – just a thought mind you!!

So now we still have over 24 hrs till Nils returns, clothes still to wash and sopping wet towels everywhere. I tell you these things NEVER happen unless Nils is on duty at the Firestation!!

Thankfully it was resolved today (Monday) by going swiftly to Brandsmart and getting a new extra capacity Whirlpool washer, the old one is 10 yrs old and so we hauled it out to the road. Let someone who CAN fix it take it, fix it and use it!!


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