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Feeling GREEN – throwing up is NO fun!
August 20, 2005, 9:02 pm
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Feeling Green! 
Still feeling a little green here – thought this photo (before I got sick) was appropriate to depict how I have been feeling since 4pm on Thursday.

So here is the rest of the story and why I haven't updated my blog for days!

Tues I took Kenzie to the Dentist – turns out she had an abcess under 2 baby molars that hadn't come out yet and above the emerging adult molars. So they baby teeth were removed. Was very subdued that afternoon/evening.

Really didn't want to go to school on Wednesday but it was HER much awaited “Show and Tell” day and to top it off she has an ultra cool teacher who said she could bring in Twix and Twizzler (yes she knew they were dogs and not candy!) to show the class. That was the only thing that got her to go to school!

So I went at 2:15pm with the 2 dogs – it was a BIG hit – all 22 kids (and teacher) were enraptured by our fur-kids (rightly so!) and they (Twix and Twiz) were SO well behaved. They both performed all their tricks, Walked down each row of desks wagging their tails like mad and licked and said Hi to all the kids. They even had a romp on the floor together to show they kids how they 'played' and how vocal they both were!! It was a blast.

When we were done, Kenzie came with me (her teacher said she'd been very quiet and subdued that day, said she didn't feel well)

That night (yes you guessed it, Nils was on duty!) she threw up after dinner, took her temp, it was 102. Gave her medecine, a cool shower and to bed. I even had to dose her again in the night, she was burning up.

Next morning (Thurs) she still had a high fever – the highest it got was 104 – so she stayed home with me all day, drinking gatorade, fever medecine and sleeping.

At about 4pm I started to feel weird – stomach was bothering me…. and then the fun began (NOT!)

What's not to love!I proceeded to throw up for the next 36 hours – sometimes 1 hr inbetween, sometime 3 or 4 – NO fever, but HORRENDOUS stomach cramps (almost like when I was in labour, they were so rhythmic) Luckily Nils was home now (and off till next Monday) so he took over Kenzie and the fever monitoring and the rest of the kids stuff. The dogs have stayed close to offer companionship and empathy – I love those furry pups!!

I had to cancel my Friday morning girls date with 2 of my friends that worked at Motorola with me, which made me sad as well. But I literally lay around like a wet noodle, throwing up anything I tried to eat or drink from 4pm Thurs till this morning (Saturday) – I have kept everything down today, but still having the waves of stomach cramps (they go all the way around from under my ribs to my hips) it's is NOT fun!!

So that's where I have been!


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