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We're making progress – slowly but surely
September 13, 2005, 7:19 pm
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Both the girls bedding side by side
Step 2 for the 2 little girls room revamp is done – I bought the bedding – FINALLY!  I have been looking and looking for ages, The girls got to pick the colours they liked so I had an idea, then MY only stipulation was that it be the SAME pattern but in the different colours.

Do you know HOW many ones I found that ONE of them liked, but the other hated – or it only came in the colours of one of them – OY !!

So I happened to be in a part of town I am not normally in (north of us) and popped into the big K-mart up there (there isn't one near us anymore) and saw this bedding – ON CLEARANCE no less!!

What was even more perfect was that there was ALSO reversible comforters (ON SALE) that were the EXACT colour combos the sheet sets were – YIPEEE – I was jumping for joy!

Maddie's coloursKenzie's colours So this photo (from the K-mart web site) shows the bedding with the patterened comforter too, which I decided was too much pattern, so imagine the corresponding comforter (the triangle in the middle of the photos I took) on top of the sheets and pillow cases instead!

Next step – pick out the new flooring (I was tile as hardy, Nils wants wood!) and pant (will be off white or a v pale colour since we will be hanging colourful (in their colours) framed art by my sister. (see THIS image as an example)Kenzie's coloursKenzie's colours

I already got the 6×6 square frames too – also on CLEARANCE at Target – 50cents each!!! – I bought them all (10) – they are all burgundy wood now, but will spray paint them the colours they need to be.


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