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September 25, 2005, 11:53 pm
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I stole this off of a fellow blogger's site. It looks like a lot of fun

25 years ago I… (1980)
1. Lived in France and England and America all in one year
2. Was a Bridesmaid in my sisters wedding.
3. Left England for a year, turned into 25+ (and continuing) years.

20 years ago I… (1985)
1. Lived in Palm Beach County.
2. Successfully got through our first year of marriage.
3. Owned our first house.

10 years ago I… (1995)
1. Finally successfully held onto a pregnancy #6 that produced child #3.
2. Started attending South Palm Community Church.
3. Sold our first house of 10 yrs and moved to our current house.

5 years ago I… (2000)
1. Went to Willow Creek for an AWESOME conference
2. Went to Costa Rica on IWS Surf Trip for the 1st time
3. Lost 25lbs (plus another 25lbs in 2001).

3 years ago I… (2002)
1. Got my belly-button pierced.
2. Went to Texas for the Fellowship C3 Conference
3. Went to Costa Rica on 2nd IWS Surf Trip

1 year ago I… (2004)
1. Finally left Motorola after almost 18 years.
2. Went through 2 major Hurricanes, 3 weeks apart.
3. Celebrated 20 years of marriage to the same man and got to go to Kauai for 10 days (no kids).

So far this year I… (2005)
1. Got my second (self-designed) Tattoo
2. Became Self-employed by starting fieldcottagedesigns.com
3. Went to Japan for the first time

Yesterday I…
1. Went to Jazzercise for the 6th time this week.
2. Played Taxi taking my 4 kids to various different houses, parties and venues.
3. Went to the movies and out with my hubby and 2 friends. We all had Captain Morgan Tattoo shots and got temporary tattoos.

Today I…
1. Played a 'barfly' in a drama at church.
2. Spilt the entire contents of a large FULL Dunkin Donuts coffee in my car.
3. Resisted the temptation to watch “Desperate Housewives” season opener – I SO don't need another TV show to get addicted to!

Tomorrow I will…
1. Call a prospective new web client that emailed me today.
2. Update the POTW (Picture of the week) on our website.
3. Book my (and hubs) tickets to Texas for Nov.

In the next year I will…
1. Make my new company a success.
2. Organize several birthday parties.
3. Go to Costa Rica on IWS Surf Trip for 3rd time

In the next 5 years I will…
1. Will return to Kauai to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary
2. Have a 21 yr old son!
3. Will have a college age daughter (19).
4. Will have 2 more teenage daughters (13 and 14)

Lord help me I think I should stop now!
Plus I need to post this before it is no longer today ! (it is 11:57pm)


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