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Is there a Dr in the house?
October 7, 2005, 12:42 pm
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Is there a Dr in the house? - click for full size photo
Here is the deal, Kenzie's class has Show and Tell every week. Each child gets their turn (remember I took in Twix and Twizzler for Kenzie – BIG hit.)

Well one of this week's children brought in her mother – a surgical nurse for her 'exhibit' Pretty neat idea really especially as she brought in 'take home' stuff.. The kids LOVE take home stuff! (I suppose I could have 'stripped out' a chunk of Twix of Twiz's hair for take home, since I did explain (and show them) about how Norwiches don't shed but have to be stripped.)Dr finds unsuspective patient - click for full size photo

So each child got the full protective/sanitary garb, along with a talk about what they were and why
they were needed. A hat for the hair, a respirator, booties for the feet, and gloves for the hands.

Prior to hearing all about this or knowing anything about it, Kenzie trotted into my room and said, “Say Mom, do you have a pale blue T-shirt I can  borrow?”  So I gave her one of my many Motorola shirts, she was thrilled – “PERFECT” she said and off she went.

The next time I saw her was in the first photo – in full “Surgeon garb” dressed for the part – So funny. Then she announced she needed to find a patient to perform surgery on. Maddie, Mel, Matt and Twix (who I believe understands all English!!) ran for their lives. but funny bunny Twizzler, the puppy who is more like the naughty St Trinians school girl, looked up at Kenzie as if to say, “Pick ME, Pick ME!”

Once up in Kenzie's arms, I think she changed her mind, as she looks a tad nervous in the second photo!! Thankfully you will be pleased to hear that no surgery was performed other that lots of kissing, hugging and licking (on Twizzler's part!)


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