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October 19, 2005, 7:07 am
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Have  I mentioned that Nils is leaving on Saturday for a week's surf trip with the boys to Nicaragua????

So today he is going on duty at the Firestation.

In 24hrs when he gets home he's going to be even busier than he already was! Wed 5am track image - Click for bigger imageNot only does he have to prepare for 7 days on a camp that has no electricity and is 4 hours away from civilization (yes I am a tad worried!) but he has to prep the house once AGAIN for the impending seriously huge Hurricane Wilma that the models all have going straight over us.

It's a Cat 5 right now – the worst it can get, the LOWEST pressure ever recorded! Apparently it's a cold front that is going to cause it to take that sharp right turn and head straight for us (we as in the Bertelsons are directly east from the bottom of that big lake in the middleof Florida) and even though the Naples area (give or take) will take the brunt of it, because the everglades are warm it will not de-intensify that much or quickly before it gets to us. Right now they are predicting a Cat 3 for us ???

Yes we DID take all the shutters back down – so they will be going back up on Friday probably !!

They (the powers that be that predict Hurricanes) have been pretty on  track about WHERE it will hit this year, they have not been so accurate about intensity, so here's to praying it de-intensifies before even getting to the west coast of Florida.


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