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This little piggie went ……….
October 23, 2005, 10:57 pm
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Can you tell I'm bored! 
So we are
still waiting for Wilma!!!

I'm bored – The 2 little ones are at my MIL's
to keep her company (since FIL is in NC for a month) so it's me and the
teenagers. Nils has called from Nicaragua on the satellite phone to check in on
us. Told me “This phone call is $2 a minute honey, so we can't talk long” – So I
say “goodbye then, we're fine, call me after 6pm tomorrow when it's all over” 

I guess I could paint my toes, based on the photo of my foot!!! Only
the big toe has remenants of polish now!!

Contrary to what you might be
thinking in that “Gosh she eats healthy snacks” – The bowl of grapes (although I
did eat them) was purely an artistic addition to make the photo look more 'artsy
fartsy'  and cool! 

Instead I have been true to the Hurricane model of
eating loads of junk food while we wait and wait; stuff like chips, cookies,
icecream – naturally one has to eat that before the power goes out and it melts

Speaking of artsy fartsy and cool photos, check out the photos I took at the concert I went
to Friday night of a friend of ours. I just LOVE the 'foot stomp' one – I think
it's worthy of being a CD/album cover!!!

It is now 10:55pm – almost time
for the 11pm NOAA image to be updated.


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