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Weird Wilma Whitterings!
October 23, 2005, 8:37 am
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The Entire progression - Click for bigger image 
The latest image is from 4am this morning (Sunday) – but the black center line has been forecast to go right over us for every image! (Click the image to see full size one)

Nils left yesterday as scheduled, since he will be at a 'camp' with no electricity or civilization, he really won't be able to watch what is happening here (they do have a satellite phone)

Yesterday was a weird day too – so many things happening.  I went to church last night and found out that our Lead Pastor FELL OFF HIS ROOF at 8am that morning and landed ON HIS HEAD on his driveway 😦  He is now in intensive care at a local hospital, conscious, head trauma, it's a miracle he didn't die, break his neck, break ANY bones… there is one bruised angel out there that broke his fall.  But he is still in critical condition.

What was he doing on the roof??? Preparing for Wilma no doubt.

We are expected to lose power something (probably tomorrow) so will check in as often as I can till then. Keep us in your prayers!


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