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We're alive and well!!!
October 24, 2005, 5:43 pm
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83 emails were waiting for me (I read all of the ALICE?? And WILMA!!! ones)

Thanks for all your concern and wishes and for those of you that have rung already (land line is still working) Cell phone is sketchy, signal goes in and out.

Can I just say I LOVE that the DSL is still working AND that we have a generator!!!

Thanks to my 16yr old son and our neighbour Howard, we now have the fridge, 2 freezers, a tv, playstation (the direct TV dish got ripped off the house so no tv!!) the modem and wireless router all plugged in (my laptop is wireless and on battery right now)

The weather is gorgeous now!! In the mid 60's, down to a slight breeze, clear, crisp and cool (which is good since we are without power and will be for who knows how long!!)

Can I just say – HOLY CRAP – that was WAY worse that Frances and Jeanne were last year!!!

We kept hearing (before the power went out at 8am today) it would be a strong cat1, weak cat2 when it got to us and that the front side would be worse, and that after the eye, the back side would be weaker – Bunch of Codswallop!!

The backside (har har) was AWFUL and WAY worse – We (that would be Mel, Matt, Matt's friend Justin and I) watched it out of the back door (only thing NOT covered in shutters – glass panes you can see out of) it was INSANE.

The time frame was 8am-10am for the front side (lost power are 8:15am), 10am-11am for the eye, and 11am-1pm for the backside, 1pm-2:30pm for the ending/slowing down part…so thankfully it was a fast one.

We watched the neighbours shed disintegrate and blow away, all the trees are cracked, broken, uprooted, the chain link fence is smashed in about 5 places (from trees landing on them)

Someone's porch/patio (west of us) ripped off their house and came crashing down the street, taking out cars (including Nils' truck which is all dented and scratched up!) front porches, lampposts – mangled metal and aluminum all over the street.

The 2 little girls were (and still are) at my MIL's – she came to get them on Sunday afternoon as she did not really want to be alone, did not want to leave her house (good job she didn't – more on that in a bit) and didn't want to come here. The girls wanted to be there with her, so I said OK, fine, don't call me in the middle of it saying “I'm scared, come get me” !!

So anyway during the backside of the storm Joanie, Maddie and Kenzie had to ALL lean against her big sliding glass door onto her patio (facing west, where the wind was coming from) for an HOUR to prevent it from buckling so much it came off the tracks and blew into the house – EEEK – sounded scary to me, I asked her if the girls were scared? Nope she said, they HATE the Hurricane and wanted it to stop, but they weren't scared.

I must admit it is MUCH better being able to SEE what you are hearing, as scary and as unbelievable as it is, that the wind is so strong and can do so much damage. Hearing stuff and not know what is going on is WAY worse.

Both the dogs were fine and were glad to go out in the eye for a piddle and poop !!! I took an adorable photo of them (it will be the next POTW) looking out the back window at the storm !!

So now we are here at the house – Mel is sleeping on the sofa, Matt is playing on the playstation, I am on my laptop (surprise surprise!) and the dogs are both napping in their crates (how cute, if I didn't think they would wake up and move, I would take a photo of them – oh good Matt managed to !!)

I should upload the photos and post them!! I will do that next, once I send this out to everyone!

Been on the phone a LOT too – my Mum from England, Joanie, Nils from Nicaragua (2 of them are coming home early, but the earliest they can fly back is Wednesday morning AND the waves down there are crappy anyway due to the storm!!) and various friends (local) and internet friends too – THANKS so much to all of you for caring, worrying, praying and calling!!

Nope, I'm still not moving from Florida!!

Photos to follow!!



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