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Finally got DSL/phone back!
October 26, 2005, 5:47 pm
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OK, so I post to you all at 6pm on Monday night, send it out to all my email lists, post it to the blog and then WHAM – we lost the phone and DSL!!  Plunged back into incommunicado!! Cell phone sporadic too – never ring, can occasionally get messages!

It is now 48hrs later and we JUST got the phone/DSL back (still no power of course) so I just downloaded 415 – yes 415 email messages!!! will read them all in a bit, just want to do an update as fast as I can in case it goes out again (plus we are running lower on gas to fuel the generator and the lines at the VERY few stations that are able to pump gas on generator power are INSANE. The one at the edge of our neigbourhood actually is open and the line is ALL the way down to our street  (over a mile) and there is a $20 max per car too.

I actually did do this weeks POTW on Monday night, but when I went to upload it to our web site was when I discovered the DSL was gone!!! (I just uploaded it now)

I started working on the photos Monday too, but am not done yet – will probably work on them tonight.

Nils is due back tomorrow (have to drive down to Ft Lauderdale to get him, which will pretty much deplete the gas in his truck, that should be interesting getting gas, well he is diesel) to top it all off, Nils got his wallet stolen in Nicaragua, ALL of his money ($500) and 2 credit cards – Sigh.  I did cancel the 2 cards (no charges on them, but then again who would need the cards when there was $500 right there with them!!!!)  No comment from me as to why he put ALL his money IN his wallet in an UNLOCKED room.

Well gonna post this and then read my emails, the kids want to check their “Myspace” too, and Mel is leaving tonight with a family here to go to their NC house as there will def be no school till next Monday at the earliest.

Tootles, will post again later tonight if I can.


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