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Firefighters = Fire – especially when there's no power!
October 31, 2005, 11:27 am
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Cool close up of burning pine cones
Click on this image to see the full size one, it's SO cool looking!

OK, so I am married to a Firefighter – did you know that most Firefighters choose that profession because they are Pyromaniacs!!

We still have no power; apparently as of this morning, 50% of Palm Beach County has their power back, and in fact 70% of OUR neighbourhood has it back too (Sat night). All but the last 3 streets – Guess where we live – on the last street!!!

But we have been making the most of it. Nils dug a pit in the back yard and we have been having Marshmellow toasting parties and burning the mangled swing and the umpteen pine cones as fuel.  The pine cones look AWESOME when they burn!!  (Technically any 'open fires' are illegal in Palm Bch Co, but hopefully if the fire trucks show up Nils would get 'grace' !!

So today my kids are back in school (much to their dismay!) well Melanie is still on her way back from NC with the other family (I hope!) and I am at my MIL's (who has had power since Friday) with the dogs as Nils is on duty today.

I am going to make a page of more of the Fire photos (cos they look SO cool!!) so remember to check the “What's New” page often – oh and the POTW for today is up too – The dogs are enjoying the night-time bonfires too and being outside so much in such cool weather – the photo(s) I used for today is not necessarily a good portrait of THEM but of their terrier characters!!!


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