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Annual Bertelson Bunch Photo is DONE
November 29, 2005, 10:43 pm
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Click to see full size image of the lastest Bertelson Bunch Annual Christmas Photo

Here is a sneak preview (treat?) for those of you who are my faithful blog readers, that come and check this blog without email reminders!!

Here is our 2005 Annual Photo – you can click on it to see a larger image) It was all created by me, the background is a photo taken by Nils when he went to Nicaragua (and missed Hurricane Wilma!)

The newsletter is done too (200 copies of both completed today, my fingers are sore from stuffing envelopes!! 

I hope to get them all sent out by the end of next week (since Nils and I leave for Texas early Thurs morning) – once that is done I will put the newsletter online too (check the “What's New” page for newly added stuff.


Fun weekend – Bowling balls are cool colours!
November 28, 2005, 5:14 pm
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Neat photo of colourful bowling balls

Nice long Thanksgiving weekend  (acutally my kids had no school ALL week – they and I were glad school was back in session today!

Nils was on duty on Thanksgiving which was a bit of a bummer, but me and the 4 kids went to his parents to eat.

Then Nils and I took to 2 little girls bowling on Saturday night (after I sung at church) – We had a good time, with everyone getting at least one strike!! (Phew)

I love the colours of the bowling balls, I am a weakling and need a light one!
Nils and Kenzie - Click for full size Alice and Kenzie - Click for full size Alice and Maddie - Click for full size Maddie and Nils - Click for full size Here are some photos of Nils and I with each of the girls. You can click each one to see a larger version of the picture.

Next exciting thing on our agenda is that Nils and I leave on Thursday to go to Texas to see Cathy and Sylvia (kids all staying here with my wonderful MIL Joanie) … so got a lot to do before then, so tootles!

My Crazy Week – since the last blog!
November 18, 2005, 7:04 pm
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Click for full size - my crazy week summarized

So over a week has gone by since I last 'blogged' and *SO* much has transpired in that week!!!

The image is a summary of my crazy week (click for bigger image)

Top left – my van took a major 'doo-doo' (couldn't find a good broken down van image!)  The AC compressor FROZE completely, seizing up the belts and basically the entire engine!

Bot left – My wonderful MIL let me use her van while mine is being fixed (should be done by Saturday night) my girls like her van, they can watch movies – I think they look like pod people with the headphones! They didn't even know I was taking the photo until it flashed they were so engrossed in “The Wedding Planner”

Top right – Spent 5 hours  helping a good friend of mine creating this memories board for a 17yr old girl who was killed (along with her 17yr old boyfriend) last Saturday night. She (Devin) was the best friend of the daughter of this friend of mine (you can see her with Devin in the photo above the  R I T Y of the word Intergrity)…. AND the boyfriend Russell was the son of a Firefighter our in Royal Palm that Nils knows 😦

Bot right – yes can you believe it Tropical Storm Gamma is headed on the exact same track as Hurricane Wilma did – Supposed to hit on Monday. We are supposed to have our monthly Crosswaves tomorrow, but Nils just told me (on duty at Firestation) that he will probably cancel it….. although there will be big waves, it is going to be wet and rainy and people will probably be in 'preparing for the storm' mode again.

WE need to prepare too (Nils will be back on duty on Monday) – fill up all the gas cans again, put the panels back up, if it strengthens to a Hurricane, batteries, etc….  We rescheduled our Texas trip from Nov 10-14th (due to Hurricane Wilma and the aftermath) to Dec 1-5th – I sure hope we don't have to do it AGAIN!!

Calgon take me away!!  I did have a REALLY good time today at the WayFM radio Station Thanksgiving Lunch!

Ewww – Anyone for RAW chicken ……. from a TREE
November 11, 2005, 11:13 pm
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Fire Tree oozing raw chicken!

Remember the tree we got cut down (saving us approx $200) by the asplundi guys – well it's oozing raw chicken !!

YUK – Click the picture to see it up close!  It really is NASTY, thick and goopy!! 

Right after I took this photo and other of the back yarden (that is yard [US] and garden [UK] combined into one word) the brush truck showed up.

So now the only thing left in the back yard now is this stump and the 2 broken stone tables! – All those photos are here.

I am sad about the mosaic stone table – it had history (and has survived many Hurricanes including Andrew in 1992)

This week's POTW
November 7, 2005, 2:19 pm
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is up on our site – Click

Lobster fun with Mollie and the girls (oh and 2 guys!)
November 7, 2005, 12:00 pm
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Click to see all the photos

First off , I just HATE my smile!!! Too much top gum – Sigh!!

Dinner last night with Mollie (11 of us, only 2 guys!) at The Station House in Lantana, which is famous for it's Lobster (in case the picture didn't give it away enough!!)  I actually didn't have Lobster, I had Shrimp and broccoli with linguini instead – the Shrimp were almost big enough to be baby lobsters!

Mollie used to live here, (with her Norwich Terrier Vicki) but moved to Baltimore in May 2005. Back in town for a wedding (and to check on her Dad who is STILL powerless post Wilma in Ft Lauderdale) we took advantage and went out for dinner. It was blast – we got a bit silly with the Lobsters!

Check out the rest of the photos by clicking on the photo of Me, Mollie and Donna.

November 6, 2005, 4:20 pm
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Click to see full size

Have I ever said that I love that my hairdresser comes to my house to do my hair!! (Ha Ha, probably after every time she comes!)

Melanie and Madeline both got their hair cut too, the mixtures of hair lengths and colours on the floor was quite amusing! Twizzler enjoyed sniffing, lying in and snorting it, silly puppy!

Both dogs did their best to try and break her hairdryer by running past her to go outside invariably snagging the cord on their way out and yanking the dryer off the side!! Thankfully it did not break!

Now I am off to dinner with my friend Mollie (and a bunch of other girls) who used to live down here (and has a Norwiich Terrier called Vicki ) but moved to Maryland this year 😦 as she is back in town (for a wedding)