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November 5, 2005, 11:33 am
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Snagged the Asplundi guys to cut this down for us!

Our back yard still looks a bit like a lumber yard, even more so now, as Nils went out and snagged the Asplundi tree guys that were in our neighbourhood anyway assisting the FPL guys in fixing poles/power by cutting down trees that were in the lines or obstructing stuff.

This pine tree really served no purpose, it didn't shade the house since the top half (about 3/4 of it that was above the 10 ft 'stumpy thing' that is left) had long been lopped off by FPL as it was in the power lines and all it really does is make a flippin mess by strewing it's branches and needles EVERYWHERE all the time but especially in Hurricane winds!! As you can see in THIS photo

They cut it down and even chopped it up into small (that weigh a LOT) pieces too – But we have to drag it out to the curb for pickup – since they haven't picked up the HUGE pile we have out there now, we can't add it yet!

So we saved ourselves about $200 and got it done for FREE by them. Naturally it helps that the tree WAS actually growing up into the power lines!! We couldn't swing it to get them to cut down the 2 pine trees out front as well!


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