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Eat your heart out Brant ;)
January 22, 2006, 9:22 pm
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Check out Videos of Vinne the accordion playerThis is Vinnie, he
plays the accordion – he rocks!

I was so impressed, he
uses NO music, and knows a zillion songs
(mind you he did tell us that if we requested anything after 1975 he wouldn't
know it!)

Below is a link to THREE VIDEOS of Vinnie playing, complete
with SOUND!! Woo Hoo, Please excuse the odd singing in the background, I
couldn't contain myself!!

If the video stops and starts or is jumpy, the
best way around this is to view it twice.

The second time it will be
smooth and such –

See the first time it is downloading as it plays and
sometimes gets ahead of itself!  The second time thru, it is already
completely downloaded to your computer and so runs smoothly!

Two videos are already uploaded, I am still uploading the third one,
it takes a long time! 1 min per MB of video and these are 35-40M each!!!) 

Anyway it's different music (different singing!!) and you can see them
by clicking either on the photo of Vinnie or by clicking HERE


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