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More on the Wine Tasting …
January 23, 2006, 6:29 pm
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 OK, so everyone is enjoying Vinnie the accordion player but also giving me feedback like, “what about the wine tasting? you didn't say anything about it”

So here is more on the wine-tasting!

Nils and I got there at bit late at 7pm (started at 6pm) so the rest of the guests had already worked their way through all the white wine bottles (8 of them?) and were starting on the Red wine bottles (another 8-10)

This worked out well since Nils is a Red wine guy and so he just joined in…

ME on the other hand, I am a White Wine girl, Red wine gives me a banger headache within about 40 mins – not fun for me….

So I decided I'd back up and work my way down the white wines solo since there was about 2-3 inches left in each bottle still….. You are only supposed to taste a small sample (and spit it out really, but there wasn't any spitting going on!!) some did pour dregs into a waste decanter (that was poured down the drain, I am sure it tasted foul!) but I think MOST were drinking it all!!

So I tasted wine #1 (see I forget the country and type already) but I liked it!!
Wine #2, was OK, wine #3 was yukky (too dry) and so I then decided that I shouldn't try to chase for something to match up to the yummy #1 wine and so just went back to that one and finished the bottle 😉

Really all in all, I probably only had a large glass of wine.

Meanwhile, those working their way down the Reds ended up on one that was $600 a bottle – WOWZA! Charlie (who explained each wine before the tasting began) had had it in his 'cellar' for ages since 1996 I think (I put that in quotes since in Florida most do NOT have cellars, we are at sea level, cellars would mean underwater!!)

Everyone was ooohing and aahing about the age of the wine, and I suspect I showed my lack of 'wine finesse' by stating that usually the older and more expensive the wine the LESS I liked it!! I'd survived on daily 3-4 wk old plonk in France for a year and loved it!!

I think that was the moment when the brownie points I had received for the cool English accent and the even cooler Casio Exilim 7M pixel digital camera that took videos too were totally eliminated by my cheap plonk comment

Oh well, I had a good time!!

Once again you can see the videos by clicking HERE


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