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I really liked the 3rd grade field trip …..
January 28, 2006, 10:04 pm
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 Now you see why I had so much fun on the field trip!!

Otters are without a doubt one of the TOP animals in my books, they are just so darn cute – even made it onto the infamous cuteoverload.com page – check out the baby otter.

I was assigned 6 girls, my daughter Kenzie being one of them. (there were 48 kids on the trip as there are 24 in each 3rd grade class.)

They all thought I was cool cos I 'talk funny' – One girl even said, “Are people taller in England cos you're even taller than my Dad” – LOL – but since I was in 'authoritative mature parental mode' I resisted the wisecrack of, “No sweetie, your Dad is a bit on the short side”

I took oodles of photos, but weeded out just the best ones. The guides we had were really good and taught us a lot about what we were seeing. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, in the low 70's, sunny but a little nip (for us now, I know you notherners are rolling around on the floor laughing!)

One snafu, Nicole, one of my assigned girl (adorable too) started to get an earache after lunch, it progressed to painful with her in tears really fast 😦 I felt so bad for her, there was nothing I could do to alleviate the pain.  I did call the school to ask them to get in touch with her parents (she only remembered her home phone number and no-one answered) to pre-warn them about the earache. Her Mum called back on my cell phone to talk to me and to her daughter (made her feel better but cry more 😦 my heart was breaking)

When it was time to leave, Mr Bus Driver (a parent too) tried to start the bus – no go – he said the battery must be dead – Oh boy – off went 2 Mums to find a burley ranger type guy to see if we could 'jump' the bus, Mr Bus driver got off the bus to 'go and see if he could FIND where the battery was' – and *I* go up sat in the drivers seat and studied all the dials, buttons, switches and stuff.  Basic troubleshooting mode.

So can I say I saved the day or would that sound too self-serving?  Didn't take me long to notice that the bus (automatic not stick-shift) was in DRIVE and not NEUTRAL.  SO I plopped it into Neutral, Mr Bus Driver was getting back on the bus (he had the keys) and I told him to try it again.

BRRRRMMMM – it fired to life…. “What did you do?” he said….. “I can't tell you, cos then I'd have to kill you and you'd find out that I'm not as brilliant as you think I am right now!”  (I did tell him!)

So homeward bound we were (on time!) with a bus full of AMP-ed up kids – Who's idea it was to let the kids get Soda and Candy from the gift shop I don't know!! But really, I really enjoyed the day. 

One more story…..

I could have spent the entire day at the Otter section . Ozzie and Harriet were adorable!! 

My Mum will really relate to this since she and I saw a similar scenario in England, what 30 yrs ago??? 

Ozzie was frantically trying to build the best nest for Harriet inside a hololosed out three (RIGHT by the fence so we could see, it was cool)…. He'd jump out of the water, run into the grassy area, grab a mouthful of leaves and grass which looked SO cute sticking out of his mouth, I took many photos but they just move too durn fast so not worth showing! Then he would run along the fence and disappear into the bottom of the tree. Much scuffling and gras flying went on, and he'd emerge to go get another mouthful.

Then Harriet would get out of the pool and saunter over to the tree to have a look-see at how her beloved and 'enthusiatic as a puppy' mate was doing on building her the nest of her dreams…

She was quite ruthless and out flew chunks of grass and twigs and leaves from inside the tree as if she was saying, “This will NEVER do like this, this is LAST years look, is he EVER going to get it right? Men, I tell you gotta love em even if they are fairly useless”

I was narrating this all to my 6 girls as it was going on (we'd split up into our groups after lunch to wander around as we please, HA not surprise that I took mine girls back to the Otters!!) and they were all giggling hysterically asking, “How do you KNOW this, can you talk Otter too?”  I decided to let them think I was “Super-Mum” and didn't elaborate on the fact that a very learned lady in England who had 2 otters as pets for years had told us all about this while we watched it unfolding with her 2 otters when we visited her house…

BTW Mum I just want to thank you AGAIN for setting that up, I tell you it's one of those fantastic memories I will NEVER forget, sitting in a semi-wild setting with Otters snuffling around us and stealing tissues out of our pockets to shread them to bits – You ROCK as a Mum!!

You can see a sampling of the photos I took of the animals and the field trip by clicking HERE


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