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If you've got it flaunt it – right?
January 30, 2006, 5:37 pm
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Ok, so I might as well benefit from it right???

This is a photo of me on my way to becoming famous – Snort!

I went to a production studio to do a taping of my voice as a narrator for a local production of “The Secret Garden”

When they called me (via a lady at church who had seen me on stage singing and acting and knew I was English) I didn't really know much about what it was… a movie, a live drama, a TV show, a dance recital… I was just excited for another opportunity!!

SO…. when I told my Mum, she asked me all the sort of questions a good Mum asks and said a little worried (hey I'm still her baby girl even at 43!)  ” Darling, you have to be careful, it might be some AWFUL porn movie or something”

ROTFLOL – it's not THAT kind of 'secret garden' …. anyway all is fine, it's an innocent local dance recital but they are going to have a 10 minute movie preceeding the dancing part, which is the bit I do the narration over music score as well as snippets here and there throughout the story (in-between the dances I am sure.)

I had my script a couple of day early, told them I could do a variety of different English dialect accents, which would they like –  naturally it was the really fruity posh one!!!

Anyway it was a blast – only took an hour (they allotted 2) because I was brilliant at it 😉 – only needed 2 takes on average, some in only 1 take, a couple in 3 takes. 

It would be nice if this producer guy got me some more jobs by word of mouth 🙂


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