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Off to WOF conference
February 23, 2006, 10:26 am
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So today I am off to the Women Of Faith conference in Ft Lauderdale along with hundreds, maybe even thousands of other woman. I am SO looking forward to it (my first time going) and spending time with Jen (her 3rd time I think) and others from our church (hey and even 2 of my fellow Jazzercisers are going too!!)

So I will be ‘offline’ for 3 days (the withdrawal ! for me I mean!)

Go to Field Cottage Designs Web SiteOh and on other exciting news, after almost a year of doing the Morning DJ’s web site donnandbrant.com – I finally have my radio spot commercial running – it’s really good! 

Here is the link to the MP3 of my Radio Spot Commercial 🙂 
Field Cottage Designs Radio Ad


Is this a Joke, or do they think we are that stupid?
February 22, 2006, 6:46 am
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So I got some cool shoes yesterday – and for CHEEP CHEEP!!
On Clearance at Ross for $7.50

I love “Simple” shoes, they are so comfy
– but I think they took their name a little too literally!  – Check it out

Really, as resourceful and creative as I can be, there is NO way I could accomplish putting my feet in these clog shoes heel first !!

They also have (on the sole) FUTURE at the toes and PAST on the heel – that is kind of cool.

But showing which way to my toes go in the shoes – well that’s just a bit much. I wonder if it stemmed from some STUPID lawsuit from someone

Certainly don’t want one in MY house!
February 16, 2006, 12:54 pm
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This ‘story’ is hysterically funny, so bear with me as I set it up!

Maybe some of you know what type of dog this is, but for now I won’t say since it will spoil the punch line of the story!!

My friend Jenn is what one might label ‘not much of a dog lover’ – in fact she is terrified of them.  The only ones she will even tolerate are ones that are (and I quote)

Small enough that I can drop kick them if I have to

“We’re good friends, and she even has a pretty cool cat (as cat’s go!) that is featured as one of my daily POTD cos she is pretty unique.So last Saturday we were at Crosswaves and this 240 plus pound dog was at the Beach instilling fear and terror in Jenn (it was a nice dog, nothing bad happened, he even didn’t eat my 2 dogs for lunch!) … I said to Jenn (as a cruel joke!)

What would you do if my 2 dogs were as big as that?

so she replied, quick as a flash ….

Well we wouldn’t be friends anymore that’s for sure!

We laughed about it… end of that part – then later on the way home, Maddie pipes in

So I wonder if Jenn really wouldn’t be your friend anymore if you got one of those English Bastard dogs

It’s a good job I wasn’t driving (Matt was!) as I surely would have driven off the road I was laughing so hard.

So I replied….
Actually sweetheart it’s called an English Bullmastiff, not an English Bastard, but I can see how you might have got it confused!

I then went on to say some extremely witty, funny things that had Matt and I rolling around with laughter…. but I should probably just leave that to your imagination.  Suffice it to say we decided we didn’t want either type of English B….. resident in our house!
Can you IMAGINE having a dog that size in your car ?????

No Stud Finder, then again I already found my Stud
February 14, 2006, 6:11 pm
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Yep I’ll admit it, he pulled one over on me!

I called Nils’ cell phone this morning (went straight to voicemail) and left a message….

“Hi Honey, Happy Valentine’s Day, WOW 25 years since our first date. I love you lots and all that romantic stuff, hope you are having fun in the snow – tootles”

When I got home from Jazzercise (yes lots of pink red and purple worn today!) there was a message on our home phone…

“Hi Honey, it’s me, I need a favor – I can’t find my ‘Stud Finder’ – I am pretty sure I brought the ‘Stud Finder’ with me, but I can’t find it. Can you go into the garage and look in my red toolbox and see if I left the ‘Stud Finder’ in there. It’s in the second drawer up from the bottom. The Stud Finder is a black box about the size of Matt’s calculator. So when you go look, second drawer from the bottom, if you find the ‘Stud Finder’ call me back on Randy’s cell as mine’s dead and let me know so I won’t worry and keep looking for it here. Thanks, talk to you later”

Now you would think as astute as I am that I would have picked up on the repetitious ‘Stud Finder’ bit AND the fact that he specifically knew where to look for it – Nils NEVER knows where anything is!! But I happily sauntered out there and opened the specified drawer.

No ‘Stud Finder’ – instead a HUGE big heart shaped box of chocolates and a big pink card addressed to “The Woman I Married” – lovely mushy card!

So I called Randy’s Cell and left the following message back….

” Hi Randy, this message is for Nils. …. Hey Hon, I did not find the ‘Stud Finder’ here, so the ‘Stud Finder’ must be up there with you, cos it’s not in this house. Oh but I am a bit miffed, I did find something for “The Woman I Married” so do you have some other wife and family stashed somewhere that I don’t know about? Anyway I found the chocolates so I’m keeping them………HA HA gotcha! ”

He’s so sweet – So no ‘Stud Finder’ but then again I found my Stud 25 years ago so I’m good!

Valentine’s Day marks 25 years!
February 13, 2006, 9:31 pm
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Gosh almost 10 days since my last post – it’s been a whirlwind! Sorry!

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, I thought it appropriate to post something about my valentine, the love of my life – my hubby Nils. 

Tomorrow marks *25* years since Nils and I went on our first date as teenagers! I’d like to say I have something spiffy and romantic ready to give/present to him…. sadly not the case!

I suppose I could just revamp the dates, number of years and wording on the web page that I did for him 2 years ago! (you can see that HERE) but then I thought – HEY he’s not even going to BE here with me.

Yep he left last Saturday for a week to BERTSNEST  for a “Boy’s Snowboarding Trip” – the house up in NC, which is on Appalachian Ski Mountain, between Boone and Blowing Rock.  So I think I am off the hook for creating something wonderful for him since I will be going it as a single-mum this week with the 4 kids!

What a face!
He wanted to take Twix with him – I said NO WAY Jose – she stays with me, and her sister Twizzler – Funny he didn’t beg to take any of the kids with him!

The Photos from a 100th & a Sweet 16 party (not together naturally!)
February 4, 2006, 2:12 pm
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OK, all the photos  are online now – Well the ones I picked, edited, cropped, photoshopped & copyrighted (seems some people like to take my images without asking – no more of that!! Just contact me if you want one)

So these are the rest from my hubby’s Godmother Peggy’s 100th birthday.

 And these are the rest from my best friend Karen’s oldest daughter’s sweet 16 party

Still feisty at 100 – and she touched so many lives
February 3, 2006, 6:29 pm
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Just a little teaser

This is where we (Nils, Maddie, Kenzie and I) were last night – AWESOME party – fun ……………………..  The drive DOWN there to Miami (65 miles) was quite eventful 😉

More photos and narration tomorrow – off to my best buds oldest sweet 16 party 🙂