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Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh – Always happens to me !!!
February 1, 2006, 2:48 pm
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Can I just say that “conversion formula’s” SUCK big time!

There I said it… I have been TRYING to get the big M to pay me for the OT I worked from Aug 23rd – Dec 31st 2004 (yes that is correct 2004 !) well for over a year now.

It was a total of 43 hours I had worked during that 19 wk period. The laws changed on Aug 23rd 2004 and I was LEGALLY due the OT payment (vs “you are salary, tough noogies” mentality) ….

So after getting nothing in the first 6 mths of 2005, I emailed my ex-boss and HR and everyone I could think of that might be involved to ALERT them that I had not been paid and that it was the LAW.

HR comes back with “but you have NO time listed in the Kronos system at all” – AHA that is because ‘lucky me’ *I* was one of the guinea pigs for a DIFFERENT time-keeping system called Team Player (HA!) – Oh OK, we didn’t look into THAT system …………… and I might add that I specifically ASKED everyone I could before I left at the end of 2004 about that – was Team Player OK, should I go in and input it all into Kronos too??? – Oh No, no need for that.

So at the beginning of 2006 I email everyone again, “Just a reminder that I have had no updates from HR on the OT issue”

I get a brief email from ex-boss (who I really liked/like if you are wondering) saying, “You should get something soon”

Good-eeee I think – So I am expecting a NICE big chunk of Money – lets say 3 times X (it’s not really that important what X is to anyone but me !) but I will admit I was making GOOD money there.

I get the check last week – it is 1/3 of that … just plain old X

????????????????? with NO mention as to the # of hours or rate they are paying me for

So I email everyone involved again asking for an explanation….. this is the answer I got from one of them

With the conversion payout it was half an hour for every hour work in retro while you were in exempt status. The overtime was based on exempt status and not while the position was in non-exempt status. All overtime paid in Non-exempt status would be paid at time and a half, but in this case the conversion had not taken place yet. Your total on Team player was 43 hours so it should have been 21.5 hours of Pay. So this equates exactly to to the $ number you received. I am glad we were able to get this issue resolved

My reply and feelings in a nutshell – and I am not even sure that it is legal to pay OT at regular pay and only 1/2 hr for each hour worked.

Thanks for the explanation, Somehow, I still feel like I got short-changed by ‘conversion formulas’ once again (just like I did with the bonus)


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