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Which Celebrity do YOU look like?
March 3, 2006, 7:35 pm
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The photo of Me I used

So here is Today’s fun thing to do

You can go to myheritage.com and upload a photo of yourself (just your face really, close up, high resolution and facing forward is best)

Then they (the little men inside your computer who work for the web!!) quickly and deftly analyze the photo and match it against their celebrities database then spit out the results of who you look like….

I got a 10 results (graded by percentage) but not one of them was one of the 2 people that I often am told I look like.

I used this photo of me and here is what it kicked back

Drew BarrymooreKatherine HepburnAshley JuddMadonnaKate Hudson

Rachael Lee CookMarcia CrossSarah FergursonCharlotte ChurchMeryl Streep

72%  Drew Barrymore
68%  Katherine Hepburn
61%  Ashley Judd
60%  Madonna
59%  Kate Hudson
58%  Rachel Lee Cook
57%  Marcia Cross
57%  Sarah Fergerson
53%  Charlotte Church
52%  Meryl Streep (who incidentally I think my sister looks like!)

Well I don’t think I look remarkably like any of them, but I DID notice that most of the 11 results are ladies with, how shall we say it “strong chins”

So then I uploaded THIS photo of me instead – Got  10 results again – some repeats

73%  Marcia Cross
72%  Kate Hudson
70%  Lisa Kudrow
68%  Shania Twain
67%  Helen Hunt
66%  Meryl Streep
66%  Michelle Pfeiffer
64%  Madonna
64%  Michael Howard – HUH ???????????????
63%  Julianna Moore

Marcia CrossKate Hudson

Meryl StreepMadonna

So is that some kind of joke to throw in Michael Howard in there ????

and notice lots of ‘strong chins’ again – but MICHAEL HOWARD is a MAN !!!!

If you are wondering, I get told I look like Phoebe Cates and (a young) Ali MacGraw 🙂

Phoebe CatesMe againThe photo of Me I usedAli McGraw


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