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Bad Blogger!
May 2, 2006, 11:02 am
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Sorry I haven’t been updating this regularly… I HAVE been doing good at my daily “Picture of the Day” that I upload to flickr and I did add a recent hilarious photo sequence of the dogs having a session at “Doggie Day Spa” that can be see here

What else, the weather is gorgeous, my hubby is fantastic, the dogs are furry and adorable and we never do a thing wrong in their eyes…….

Daddy's Back!

…..the kids are …well kids, great one minute, poisonous (to each other!) another, !

I uploaded 3 new videos too (2 of Kenzie dancing, 1 of Maddie cheerleading) – they are on the video page

My business is, well how do I put it, I need more paying customers! Everyone seems to love my work, but it seems I have an invisible stamp on my forehead that reads “Abuse me, take advantage of me” as people seem to want my ‘skills’ for free. Sigh AND I have had my copyright mark removed by TWO separate people within the last 3 weeks. Both situations are ‘in the past’ now, so I am not going to re-hash them but those of you that pray, pray that I will get some cool, fun, creative, interesting, PAYING clients!

Matt is going to the Prom next week, I will be sure to take photos of that! – Tootles.