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I’m Going OUT :)
June 30, 2006, 6:17 pm
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This is where my friends (Karen & Warren and Jennifer & Rob) are taking me (and Nils!) for my birthday night out tonight….in Ft Lauderdale

Good job since I need to recover from discovering that over $1100 worth of ‘calls to Guatamala’ have been racked up on Melanie’s lost cell phone – OY!! Expensive lesson there ūüė¶


Happy Birthday Kenzie
June 27, 2006, 9:13 am
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9 years old today – how time flies!

Happy Birthday to my Baby Girl!

This is just BEAUTIFUL
June 26, 2006, 11:55 am
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This is SO beautiful Рget your hankies outMy oldest daughter Melanie (who will be 15 this Saturday) created this movie last night (till 2 in the morning!) for her best friend Katelyn. She did it all on her own РAMAZING.

It is SO beautiful, it made me cry.¬† The love that went into this movie shows through so purely, her talent is amazing (and I’m not just saying that because she’s¬† mine!) and I am so proud to call this beautiful emerging woman my daughter.

Make sure you have your sound on too so you can listen to the song she put behind it – and listen to the words – they alone are enough to make you cry!

Also a tip – let the video play through once first (and try not to watch or listen, so that it is all downloaded and the second time through it will run smoothly and not jumpily (is that a word?!)

Click HERE to see the video – this is just a snapshot of one frame.
From Melanie to Katelyn - June 2006

we WERE and ARE the Champions!
June 25, 2006, 11:46 am
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Nils and I went to the Blue Boar last night for our weekly ‘date’¬† (yes 25 years together and we still go out on dates!) to play darts in a blind draw (you pick your partner out of a hat thing)¬† and Nils and Partner came in 1st ($50 winnings) and Me and my partner came in 3rd ($27 winnings – we were ALMOST 2nd, very close game)¬† so came home with MORE money than when we went in, and we ate, had drinks and had a fantabulous time ……………..

Guess what Nils spotted on hanging on the wall at the Blue Boar – a blast from the past – Champions then, Champions now – YEAH!

Was Not Expecting to See This !!
June 20, 2006, 12:05 pm
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Suprise Suprise

Tuesday Jun 20th – My youngest daughter Kenzie will be 9 next week –

This is what I discovered when I went to put her clean laundry away yesterday – yep nothing but filled water balloons, ready at a moments notice should a scuffle arise between her and her best bud/arch enemy aka older sister Maddie, who is 10.

Made me laugh out loud – she certainly is imaginative, resourceful, definitely the eclectic one of the family, the smallest, the scrapiest and the funniest! Well they are all funny really.

I was glad (and impressed) she thought to neatly lay a towel in the drawers under the balloons! She has no idea I have discovered her ammunition as she is at Grandma’s right now.

Yes her (and her sister Maddie’s) room is a TIP!

She’s Alive!
June 10, 2006, 6:37 pm
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OK, you can all pick yourself up off the floor now!! Yes I do realize it has been almost 6 weeks since my last blog entry – times flies when you are having fun, got 4 kids, got too many “ToDo’s” on your list¬†and are a¬†tad disorganized to boot! Now I HAVE still been uploading a new Picture of the Day (POTD everyday without fail,¬† you can see them all here

But I think I am now 2 weeks behind on the weekly POTW of the dogs – Promise to resume that and do a new one next Monday!Anyhow now that I am here, I will try and do a mini across-the-fam update with photos for illustration! (both links and clickable thumbnails for your viewing pleasure!)

The¬†kids finished school on May 26th. so we are on¬†summer hours! If I didn’t have to be at Jazzercise (I am the class manager on M, W & F) at 9am the entire house might sleep till 10am or later!

Nils is a fishingA Good Day On The Boat!Daddy's Back!" workingsurfing fool !!¬† He pretty much never sits still and is always on the go, (which is funny since as I type this he’s snorkling away, fast asleep next to me (5pm) but then again he was out fishing at the crack of dawn today, so he’s a tired baby!! Tonight we will go out and play darts, we were partners last week, came in second and won $50

His Dingo Surfboard Repair (as in he makes the Ding-Go-Away!) business is thriving, so whenever he is not on duty saving lives and being¬†every little American boy’s hero at the firestation, he is in the garage fixing dinged surfboards for 3 separate surf shops that give him work. Foot Anti-fungal Commercial Ad?

This is enabling me to continue living the life of luxury watching soaps and eating bon-bons on the sofa !! No really no time for that, but I¬† have been taking the girls (human and furry)to the pool at my MIL’s

Nah really I am super busy too, I sometimes wonder how I managed to fit in working 40-50hrs a week at Motorola as well!¬† Every day I am thankful I didn’t accept staying at Motorola (in Ft Lauderdale, some 55 miles south of us) and not only because gas/petrol is almost $3 a gallon now!

My Web Design business is going well, I have a regular weekly paycheck now for maintaining, updating and creating new stuff for our church web site (canthisreallybechurch.com) as well as 3 other clients wanting new websites or redesigns done.  I love what I do, my clients seem to love what I do, I just need more clients!

Daddy and his girls

Nils and I celebrated 22 years marriage at the beginning of June, very low key, I think we turned over and muttered, “hey happy 22 years you!”¬† seriously though (mush alert) we’re more in love now than ever!!¬† We are saving up our time/money/energy for our return to Kauai, Hawaii in 2009 for our 25th, since we loved it SO much for our 20th.The kids, growing like weeds!¬†

Matt and SarahMatt is doing a lot of ‘firsts’ (good ones thankfully!) He got his first car (an old BMW) he went to his first prom (as a Junior) and had a blast with a friend (not girlfriend) and is also in¬†his first summer of ‘need to find a job’ mode! He is also discovering that running a car is not free, gas is expensive and it doesn’t last long! Since he is a boy his insurance is a lot too ($140 a month) so it all adds up.

Serene Beauty!Melanie is still totally into photography and her friends but is awesome around the house, does her chores (and above and beyond) without continual prompting (boy child needs that!) and for a teenager is simply delightful.

Me and MaddieMaddie is happiest when with her friend Victoria too, so spends a lot of time at her house, or at Grandma’s.¬† She will get to go to Costa Rica with Nils, Matt and I this year, should be some good ‘got Mum all to me’ time for her. She still has a love hate relationship with her younger sister and still drives the dogs nuts by¬†picking them up when they don’t want to be or are even asleep! Mind you they do like a good massage! (the dogs I mean)

Flower GirlKenzie who’s favourite family member is Twix, they play often.¬† She is also happiest when with her friend Carolyn, (girls are so social!) so spends a lot of time at her house, or at Grandma’s (usually when Maddie is NOT there!) She will stay with Grandma while we are in Costa Rica.

Look How Brave we Are! The Dogs are just cute, adorable, funny and¬†loved by all, wish some agent would discover them so we could make millions on commercials, Ad’s or TV spots with them!!¬† I mean don’t they look like stars ?