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Life is GOOD!
July 31, 2006, 8:23 am
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Nothing but the Number 1 - Life is GOOD.

Why this is so cool (to me anyway) is because I LOVE it when I just happen to look at the clock radio and it says 11:11 1:11 or 2:22 3:33 4:44 5:55 (very thankful it can’t say the next number!) it just seems like a good/lucky/happy moment, things are good (I’m slightly OCD!) and it’s not like I look at it all the time to try and catch it!

So I am driving and my daughter says,” Hey Mum, it’s your favourite time” – so I looked at the clock, smiled and then happened to look at my odometer as well and it said 111111 – WOW – we pulled over as soon as we could (I wasn’t sure when the odometer was going to turn to 111112) dug out my camera from my bag and took the photos to preserve it.

Yes I do need a new car!! Anyone want to buy me a groovy 4WD Subaru Forrester ?? 🙂


Back to Normal again
July 23, 2006, 11:03 pm
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We got back from Costa Rica at about 1am on Thursday night and we’ve all been in catch-up mode since – mounds of laundry, plowing thru all the snail mail (80% junk) and email (20% junk.) cuddling the kids that didn’t go with us (the human and furry ones.)It is good to be home, everytime I go away, return and sleep in my bed I wake up saying “I love my bed!” – it’s the only bed I sleep in that I don’t wake up in the morning with a lower back ache!

Here is one of the photos I took that I love the most …. sunset at Playa Grande

Click for FULL size

I took 200 photos, I’m only in 7 of them, downfall of being the photographer!

I haven’t picked out the best, cropped, re-sized or uploaded any others yet, but you can always check the “What’s New” page for updates, I always post there when I add new stuff to our web site.

Nils took loads of video – much of it is surfing, but lots of other stuff that would be interesting to the rest of us NON-surfers! I hope to get, edit and upload some of those clips too (those will be on the Video page, but again, check the What’s New page.

Short bulletin report….. for those of you with limited time to read my epistles!

  • Costa Rica is beautiful, hot and muggy!
  • Nils tore his MCL in right knee on day 6 – major bummer for him
  • We all did the Canopy zipline tour again – awesome
  • Read 5 books in 10 days
  • I”m really dark/sun-tanned
  • Made some new friends (Todd, Brandon & Jay, that’s you)
  • *I’m* never EVER going on a group Surf Trip again – nuff said!

Now for the details for those of you who like ’em and want to read ’emOur flight left Miami at 6:30am on Monday July 10th, we had to be there at 3:30am – this was to ensure that all 42 of our ‘surf trip party’ checked in early (due to having at least 40 surfboard bags too) raising the chances that all our luggage made it onto the plane we were all on too…

Well that back-fired! Since about 6 or 7 bags (suitcases, not surfboards) from our lot didn’t make it to San Jose on our plane – yep one of them was Nils’ big red suitcase with all his clothes in it! Thankfully he’d packed a pair of baggies and change of clothes and toiletries in his back-pack.  LACSA now TACA arlines delivered the missing bags to us at our hotel (a 5+ hr drive away) in Playa Grande late Wednesday night.

Oh about the drive – OY a 5+ hour drive from San Jose, much of which was on pot-hole ridden roads, and our five KIA ’15 passenger’ vans had pretty non-existant suspension on them, so it was a bumpy back-shaking ride – now the pervious trips mere 2+ hr drive from San Jose to Jaco seemed blissful! Nils was one of the 5 ‘designated drivers’ so thankfully I got to sit up front always (good for me, good for everyone else that I don’t puke in the back of the van!!)

Once at Playa Grande Inn, we were there for 5 days, there is not much close to it (Tamarindo is the closest town) but the beach was lovely, nice sand (not the black volcanic sand like in Jaco/Playa Hermosa) neat rock pools, great surf for the guys. We (Nils, Matt, Maddie, Michelle and I) were in “The Apartment” suite, photos of our cool bathroom and shower will be online !!

The surfer guys did go off one day on a trip to surf “Witches Rock” and “Ollie’s Point” which are both breaks that can only be reached by boat ($60 each) so I stayed at the hotel with the girls.

We mostly ate at the hotel, nice food, great staff (owned by American couple from Florida) and since we were only there 5 days, pretty much lived out of our suitcases (I hate doing that!) and then we had to pack everything back up on Saturday morning to drive another 5+ hours south down the (pacific) coast to Playa Hermosa and the Terraza del Pacifico (the only hotel we were at the last 2 times I have been) – luckily only a small section of pot-hole ridden roads!

The hotel had changed a lot since I was last here 3 years ago – a whole NEW section (bright green!) had been added (with it’s own pool) and our group ended up being in that section (further away from the beach, so about 200yrds instead of 100yrds! but much nicer rooms, newer showers, bigger beds, so despite the initial grumbling and whining from the “regulars” about not being able to see the beach/surf etc, I think everyone was OK with it after a while!

Day #2 at the Terraza, Nils bit it big time surfing and ‘blew out his right knee’ (we found out the day after we got back that he ripped his MCL and is out from the Firestation fo 6 weeks, a follow up MRI this upcoming week will determine how bad it is, but don’t think surgery is needed, just healing time)

That was a major bummer for Nils, no more surfing, having to watch all the others surfing huge waves, hobbling around in an elastic knee brace.

Since we were only in the Playa Hermosa/Jaco area for 5 days this time (in comparison to 2 weeks at that hotel that past trips) not much other than surfing was on the agenda, so those of us that were not surfers (ME!) were ‘second class citizens’ – so I read a lot of books in the sun (probably could have done that a lot cheaper at home!!) – the only ‘cool thing’ we did do was the Canopy Zipline tour (I did it 3 years ago with Nils, Matt and Melanie) – Maddie and Michelle did it too as well as some of the girl surfers and our ‘van mates’ and new friends Brandon, Todd and Jay.

Travelling home was another long day, driving to San Jose, checking in ALL the bags and surfboards again, got home to Miami very late, it was after 1am by the time we got home (and yes we picked up the dogs from my MIL’s on the way home, the human girls that were there too were asleep though!)

So in summary, I enjoyed it, Costa Rica is beautiful, I didn’t enjoy it as much as last time, the format of the stay was not as good for me (better for the surfers I guess, more breaks to surf on) and I missed not having the other 2 girls (human as well as furry!!) with me. If I’d had my best buds Karen and Jenn with me it would have made a world of difference!!

I need to post this before I go to bed – hopefully will get the rest of the photos up on the site this week.

We are off to Costa Rica later today – toodles
July 9, 2006, 9:56 am
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no more blogs till we return (having an “internet – email list – blog – flickr” sabbatical, it is somewhat of an addiction of mine!!)

Oh and I had a bunch of flickr comments on yesterday’s photo,

saying I wish I could see their faces, you should have got down on the floor and taken one – but I DID honest…………..So here is a mosaic of 4 other photos from that photo shoot!!

Pleeeeeeeeeeese take us with you!
July 8, 2006, 8:37 am
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We are leaving tomorrow for 10 days in Costa Rica (Surf Trip) –
The suitcases are out to be packed
The dogs KNOW what that means and so to show JUST how they feel ….

– well the photo says it all!

Twizzler and Twix was to come too.

Birthday’s Galore in our family – 6 in the last week!
July 6, 2006, 4:24 pm
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Today is my Mum’s birthday (not allowed to divulge her age anymore – the savvy ones will be able to figure it out!)

This photo is in honor of her birthday today, it is of both my parents in 1961, a year before I was born, in fact right before she got pregnant with me! She was not even 30 years old yet.

I like that I have carried on the birthday tradition with my daughters….all in one week

She had the following birthday
Oldest daughter – July 1st
Youngest daughter – July 3rd
Her (the Mum) – July 6th

And I have
Youngest daughter – June 27th
Oldest daughter – July 1st
Me (he Mum) – July 3rd

I LOVE you Mum 🙂

On another note, we (that being Nils, Matt, Maddie and I will be leaving for 10 days in Costa Rica REALLY early next Monday morning, so no blogs, no POTD, no POTW for a while!! Mel and Kenzie and the furbabies will be at my MIL Joanie’s

Happy Birthday to ME!
July 3, 2006, 12:15 pm
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OK, so hubs in on duty today (working a payback for someone else), Melanie left this morning at 7am for the week (youth REVO camp) and so it’s a mellow birthday (so mellow, no-one at Jazzercise remembered it was my birthday – *I* remember theirs!) Did have fun with my girls last Friday night though – this photo is from that night

Happy Birthday Melanie – she’s 15
July 1, 2006, 2:00 pm
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Last Night at the “Howl to the Moon” was a blast – will upload some photos probably later this weekend (Check the “What’s New” under “The Media” heading.

This is for Melanie, a young woman – She is thrilled with her iPod Nano 🙂