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Plenty of Computer time!
August 30, 2006, 12:14 pm
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and yes Mum, I am working on the “Lucy’s babies” photos too 🙂

Matt (following his Dad’s footsteps is off in search of waves to surf (really it’s not that bad, just windy and raining off and on.)


Still waiting! But looking better
August 29, 2006, 1:17 pm
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we have supplies, water, batteries, gas, food, oh yeah and beer!!

Now we wait.

Still gorgeous outside.

Matt at beach trying to surf!

Here we go again!
August 28, 2006, 1:10 pm
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Preparation is ongoing!!

Funny story – we have most of our ‘Hurricane stuff’ already – masses of water, a boat full of gas, plenty of non-perishable food … but we have these really neat battery operated fans (with lights too) that need 4 size D batteries, those we needed.

So after Jazzercise I went to Wally World (aka Wal-mart) to get them, some bread, milk etc – I also got 2 cases (24 in case) of Bud Light and one case of Corona Beer…. here are a couple of the comments I received with my cart of ‘assumed Hurricane Supplies’

“I think you are supposed to get water not beer!”

“Are you going to brush your teeth with the beer too?”

all said in good humour I might add – and I DIDN’T get carded 😦 – It’s been about 5 years since I have been carded while buying alchoholic beverages!! The cashier did do a swift comeback and said, “well I did do a double take to make sure”  sweetheart!

The floor is DONE!
August 24, 2006, 8:58 pm
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Finally the floor is DONE. We are redecorating Maddie and Kenzie’s (10 and 9) bedroom.  Yes the infamous “Berlin Wall” is going up soon.

Anyway the painting was done over a week ago, but Nils, well he got his BOAT 10 days ago, so the floor was not top priority!! Anyway yesterday he said he was going out on the boat today – When I showed my ‘disapproval’ (in a nice loving way you understand) that the floor needed to be done BEFORE he went out on the boat again… Well I guess it sunk in, or the guilt took over, but he finished it in ONE day. By 10pm last night it was ALL done – it is FABULOUS!

The dogs just had to pose in the photo – The floor is the same colour as Twizzler (and the tan of Twix too) so she almost disappears against it!!

It is DONE!

When I said I LOVED it SO much that I wanted to do the whole house in wood flooring (it is ceramic tile now) he groaned!! Mind you the girls room cost $600+ – the whole house – ouch!

Supporting My Addiction
August 22, 2006, 1:46 pm
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I haven’t posted a photo to flickr of my CUTER than CUTE Norwich Terriers Twix and Twizzler in AGES so thought it was well overdue. So this morning when I logged in ready to upload today’s photo, thinking which one to do, well the photo op was right in front of me! 

Supporting My Addiction!

So here are the loves of my life – 2 furkids who patiently lie beside me and my laptop as I flickr away! (I love that Twizzler’s tongue is sticking out just a tiny bit!) Then there is my Hubs who is still snoozing and couldn’t care less!!

Happier than a Pig in Poop!
August 17, 2006, 4:10 pm
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Nils that is – check it out –

Hubs Finally Got his Boat!

Nils has wanted a boat, well since I met him 25+ years ago.  Obviously it’s a luxury item and so has been lower on the totem pole of priorities in our lives for, well a LONG time! (4 kids!)  But this last weekend, well it was the right time, the right place, the right price and so it’s HIS!!

It’s a 21 foot Parker – he’s happier than a pig in poop (see yesterday’s flickr photo!)

High Tea – American Style!
August 13, 2006, 9:51 am
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Yesterday I went with my MIL and 2 friends to ‘High Tea’ in Boca Raton.

First off I loved that my MIL invited me and I REALLY enjoyed being with her, Terri and Denise, but since I am ENGLISH the ‘High Tea’ bit was a bit of a laugh; an EXPENSIVE laugh at that (my MIL paid for me!)

For a start our reservation was for 1pm (High Tea at 1pm?!) The Hats and beads on each of our chairs was a nice touch I thought, it made us ‘fit in’ with the room we were in (that reminded me of a smaller version of the many dining/parlours I have been in as a child!)

There were a bunch of different types of teas, the usual regular English ones and other ones, that to ME tasted like Tea but had the aroma of ‘Caramel something or other’, or whatever is was that they were called.

The food (on the right – view image large to see detail) had desserts on the top, finger sandwiches in the middle and ‘meant to be scones’ on the bottom – they were in fact bisquick biscuits!

The TINY amount of ‘clotted cleam’ (which was actually sour cream with sugar in it (YUK!)) and lemon Curd, (way too tart) was pitiful for 4 of us (2 so-called scones a piece) so we made them bring *3* more of those, one for each of us!

To top it all off that tier of food (and 2 pots of tea) cost $120 !! Yes that is correct – it was (with tax and tip) $30 a person!!

Oh My GOSH, give me a little old lady in Devon in her front room with real clotted cream and hot fresh REAL scones for 2 pounds anyday.

Once again, I am NOT bashing my MIL, I love her to pieces, but this American overpriced “English High Tea”