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November 23, 2006, 3:14 pm
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This is Tarzan (on the Left) and Jane (on the right) – They are Leopard Fat Tail Geckos


She’s not really named Jane, I just assigned her that name! Not all of the Geckos are named, just the long term/best/favourite ones (of which Tarzan qualifies!) of Dan the Fireman from HotGeckos.com  

Tarzan in on Dan’s shirt (duh since it is a firefighter shirt!) and ‘Jane’ is climbing up Maddie’s (10) shirt.

Yesterday I took my kids to see a local Gecko Breeder. He being a fellow Firefighter, knows my hubby AND lives REALLY close to us too. So off we went.

WOW was it COOL. We were there for about an hour and learnt all about them; how they incubate the eggs at different temperatures to end up with either male or female babies. He showed us the founding breeders, who he crosses with who to get the different strains/looks/colours. We say babies from 3 days old (about 2 inches long) to ones that were over 10yrs old (max length about 10 inches)

I am not even sure how many they had (one or two to a shoe size plastic box) but one whole side of the garage had custom made shelves (heated at the back!) stacked with them.

My kids all want Geckos for Christmas now! – They live for 25-30 years!!


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