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Best Christmas of his life!
December 25, 2006, 1:19 pm
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Best Christmas Everrrrrrrr ............ For my son!

Remember back in October and Matt’s car accident that resulted in this???

It took almost a month, but we finally got the $2800 from the other lady’s insurance company as payout for the totalled car… So we were on the look-out for a second hand replacement car for him – hard to find!

Today we gave Matthew a Brand NEW 2006 Scion XB today

It is for his Christmas,
18th birthday (Feb 2007)
High School Graduation (May 2007)

From us and my hubby’s parents.

He was speechless and shaking, he had NO idea!

Here is a video clip of his verbal reaction!

More photos of him and his siblings seeing the Scion XB for the first time are here!


Merry Christmas
December 23, 2006, 1:59 pm
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I know it’s been a LONG time since I blogged, been super busy!! Plus I wanted the Pecan Rolo Treat things to remain on the home page for the most time for those wanting to make them!

All is complete, wrapped, stashed (this will make sense after Christmas!) labelled and ready 🙂

Dress rehearsal tonight (3pm – 9pm, includes dinner and stuff) for the 3 Christmas Eve Services tomorrow (I am singing) at our church (aptly called canthisreallybechurch.com ) …. this will mean I will also be at church from 9am till about 7:30pm tomorrow!

This tree is one of the props on stage for the drama (very funny, wish you could all come and see it!)


Teenagers – she’s a mini me!
December 3, 2006, 8:57 am
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Melanie and her best friend Katelyn re-enacting a scene/song from Moulin Rouge 

this is *SO* something I would have done with my friend Peanut at that age, in fact one of our favourite songs we used to fall asleep listening to at boarding school when we were roomies was the opening song of Moulin Rouge – “There was a boy”

If the video is jumpy, let it play once (and ignore it!) then replay it, second time is always smooth!

and if you are interested, here is the REAL scene from the movie ……………..

I made them …………..and
December 3, 2006, 12:20 am
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They were DELICIOUS!

This year’s secret recipe…..
December 2, 2006, 9:45 am
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Rolo Pecan Caramel Treats.

I had these earlier this week at a party – they are SO easy to make – This is a photo of the ingredients!

Small Waffle style pretzels (the butter snaps = THE best IMHO!)
Pecan halves.

Lay the Pretzels out on a baking tray (lined with foil,) put one Rolo on each pretzel. Bake at 250 deg for 4 mins to soften the Rolo, take out and smoosh one pecan half into each rolo – let harden

They are DELICIOUS, small, easy and quick to make.

I am going to make these for the big Christmas Luncheon at the Fire Department on Christmas Day.

I may be behind the times and you all know about these already, but I just discovered them and they’re GREAT!

It’s officially Christmas!
December 1, 2006, 6:17 pm
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It's Officially Christmas!

This was Melanie’s latest blog (on her MySpace)

To my mother:
Current mood: grateful 
you have known me longer than anyone else in my entire life. you’ve always been there for me and have loved me under any and all circumstances. we may not see eye to eye on everything because you’re a grown woman and i’m just a teenager who thinks she knows everything but i know that you are always trying to do whats best for me. I may get embarrassed by you from time to time but I still love you exactly the way you are. I may not always show it but i really do respect and honor you  and i may sometimes  push you away but those are probably the times i need you the most. I love that despite your quirks, you are still so confident about yourself and to me that radiates genuine beauty. I will always love and care for you. Thank you for being a terrific, fun, loving mother.

i love you always

Made me cry 🙂 – a good cry