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We have a NEW family member!
January 16, 2007, 12:28 pm
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OK, so I KNOW this is out of focus and totally a snapshot photo, unworthy of any awards or oohs and ahhs, but my POTD (Picture of the Day) is about “Life with the Bertelson Bunch” and the totally joy and excitement on Melanie’s face is all it took for me to choose this photo for today. So no “this is a bad photo” or comments on the technicality of it – Please.

Pure Joy for the Little Things in Life.

Melanie (15) came home yesterday (our kids had no school) and said “I bought a mouse!” she was SO excited!

Her name is Buttercup (her 2 friends Katelyn & Nichole were with her and also bought mice called Blossom and Bubbles – yes the Powerpuff Girls!)

She really is cute, washing her face, holding the cheese in her little front feet and nibbling on it!

Twiz & Twizzler will no doubt just want to eat her once they see her!! That’s Terriers for you, told Melanie to keep Buttercup in HER room at ALL times with the door SHUT! I will not be held responsible for my 2 earth/rodent loving terriers ‘doing their inbred job’

Now of course Kenzie (9) wants a mouse too – told her she had to keep her room TIDY (without reminders) for a LEAST 2 weeks and little Buttercup had to remain alive, then I might consider it!!


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