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The Roof Tops We’ll Climb to Save a Dollar!
January 31, 2007, 5:38 pm
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OK so LAST year our house insurance was $2,200 (for the year)

Remember Florida had Hurricane Frances and Jeanne in 2004 … And then Hurricane Wilma in 2005

We never even made a claim, THANKFULLY we were OK – Fast Forward to this year

Our new house insurance premium arrives (due March 2007) – a whopping $4,300 – almost DOUBLE

YIKES!! So I call the (BIG name) company that insures us, that shall remain nameless to protect us all to say, “WTH is this?”

Anyway we start discussing stuff that COULD lower the premium ….

“Do you have a HIP roof?” she says

“Well I think it’s Hip, it’s green, and the house is yellow with green trim, yeah it looks hip” Yeah now I’m officially a bozo in the agents eyes…

“not THAT kind of “hip” – Does it slant up on all 4 sides like a pyramid or only 2 sides?”

“not sure”  says me, “but thanks to modern technology I can run out there while still on the phone with you and have a look see” Out I go – sure enough it’s a 4 sided slanter! – YIPPEE we DO have a HIP roof – it’s pyramid style

“Is that a GOOD thing or a BAD thing to actually have what you call a HIP roof??” “GOOD” she said – “PHEW!” I say to myself.

“BUT” she adds ” we will need to set an appointment to come out there and take photos of it and…..”

“Wait, can’t I just take photos of it myself and email them to you?” I butt in quickly “Well yes I suppose you could, do you have a digital camera?”

After I picked myself off the floor from laughing (quietly though so as not to piss her off even more and offer further proof that I am a bozo”)

“Why yes, I think at last count we have *8* digital cameras in this house, varying from low-end to kick butt XTi caliber” So HAVING a HIP roof (along with upping the NON-Hurricane deductible from $500 per claim to $1800 per claim [note: the Hurricane deductible is $9,000 per claim!] will reduce our premium to $2,666

I am now trying to figure our SOMETHING more to deduct so that we don’t have a satanic payment there!!

All that said, within 10 minutes I had taken photos of the roof (from a ladder held steady by my trusty and hot hubby!) from all 4 corners, and emailed them off to her as proof.

This is one of the photos – see that lovely blue gorgeous sky there – ok so there has to be some compensation for living in Hurricane territory!!

Yes we have DirectTV and yes the storm panels ARE still on one window – that is my bedroom window. Those panels remain on the window because otherwise our neighbour camps out on his back porch in hopes of glimpsing me coming from the bathroom to the bedroom a la nue !

The Roof Tops We'll Climb to Save a Dollar!


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