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Matt got me flowers, isn’t that sweet :)
February 15, 2007, 10:26 am
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Hubby flew in from Colorado last night at midnight – he did not make it home ON Valentine’s Day though, so it’s even sweeter that Matt got me the flowers!

Hubby said he sent me a card LAST Friday but it still hasn’t arrived yet!

Little drama last night picking them up from the airport!! Matt (the aforementioned just turned 18 yr old) was the one that took the van to go get hubby and his 2 friends (and all their snowboarding gear) – So the last time I talked to him on his cell phone was about 11:30pm, he was at the airport, had talked to hubby who told him to go wait in the parking lot of the dog track (right by the airport) and he’d call him on his cell when they were ready to be picked up outside arrivals.

OK, so can you guess what happened?? Nils calls me on my cell phone in a panic at 11:50pm all freaked out saying he’d called Matt’s cell phone 6 times, no answer and now it was going straight to voicemail. So I had to get the 2 youngest girls up (15yr old was not here, or I would have left the 3 of them) which was a palava in itself as they were groggy and out of it, so we drove to the airport (about 30 mins) – was almost there when hubby called again to say all was ok.

He’d sent a police officer over to the Dog Track to check and there Matt was fast asleep in the van (his cell phone battery had died) – needless to say I wasn’t too happy!!

And if he hadn’t given me these roses earlier, well who knows!!!  I hear mother’s eat their young sometimes!


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