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Yee-Haw – We’re back from Texas :)
March 22, 2007, 2:31 pm
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Took loads of photos, that will probably be featured as the POTD for the next week or so (plus I will do a page on my personal web site too) had a FANTASTIC time, didn’t want to come home!


Nope we, as in me, Jennifer & Regina (sisters) did NOT buy these hats, just posed in them!

Still dealing with No Laptop – ready to go out and buy a Mac!
(won’t reinstall Windows, Data was pulled off it (but I don’t have it)


March 13, 2007, 3:05 pm
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Just a quick note (about to get my hair done) to say ….

my Laptop Data WAS recovered by Joe, who is now my hero!!

leaving for Texas in the morning, back on Sunday – what GREAT news to hear before I left!!


Doing the happy dance


It just gets WORSE :(
March 8, 2007, 2:04 pm
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Mini update from last night….

Then THIS LINK will probably be updated later tonight with a blow by blow (with accompanying digital images of the laptop screen!) for the techies/geeks who are interested (and mainly for preservation and history for me too!!)

It Just Gets Worse!

This probably says it all – Restore CD won’t even work now either (it got to 27% of copying files and froze)

an IT/computer friend is picking it up tonight to see if he can fix/restore it

Next resort if Joe can’t restore it is to give it to the guy (neighbour of another friend) who retrieves data from crashed harddrives for a living

Last Resort – Jump on a plane and run away!!

Trying to be optimistic here – maybe I’ll lose some weight – can’t eat, still feel sick!

At least I’ll have my daily photos on Flickr for memories if I lose everything!!

Those of you expecting an email reply from me, well I have no email addresses!!

Send me a new one, so I can add you all to my webmail address book now too!!)

March 7, 2007, 4:11 pm
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I am SO COMPLETELY HOSED (I am on our Desktop !)

This is the ONLY way that I can boot up my laptop now – CR*P

Was happily working away on a client’s website and BAMM – the blue screen of death

which flashes a BUNCH of text across the screen SO FLIPPIN FAST that even an alien couldn’t read it and then it is GONE

Laptop then tries to reboot, another blue screen of death, tries again, gets to Starting Windows, dies again, retries again, gets as far as “establishing network connections” and then hangs there FOREVER.

Shut it down, boot it up in SAFE MODE – that works fine – go to do a System Restore to an earlier point – tells me there are NO RESTORE POINTS AVAILABLE (only shows me March, can’t go back to previous months. Shut it down again, Try to reboot it in SAFE MODE with Networking – not straight forward, starts checking the C drive stuff – seems to accomplish all 3 stages at 100% then flashes a page full of text on (still blue background) – could anyone read it – NAH …………. but I did manage to snap a shot of it the 2nd time I redid it this way – seems to say everything worked fine and it’s going to restart windows – only to crash AGAIN. I don’t even know what to try to do next.



I think I am going to be sick!

My 15th Sharathon at 88.1 WayFM Radio Station
March 1, 2007, 7:29 pm
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Always wanted to be a DJ !!

DJ [wannabe] for the Day!

This is me (in the middle, yes I *AM* tall!) with Brant Hansen and Donna Cruz,

They are two of the DJ’s at the South Florida WayFM Radio Station, who I consider to both be good personal friends of mine.

I have volunteered at the Annual Sharathon at the 88.1 WayFM every year since the first day they went on the air back in 1992 – this is my 15th year – Alice the Brit is well known there and having an British Accent (in USA) helps too, so they like to put me on the air!

I LOVE it, yes, it’s volunteer, I don’t get paid monetarily, but I get paid SO much in love, friendship, fellowship, joy, fun, sense of community – I wouldn’t miss it for anything. 

Oh yeah and sorry for being such a bad blogger and not updating more often, I am still uploading the daily POTD on my flickr account and do often add tidbits of news of our daily life (to explain the daily photo) so check it out (top left hand corner – click on the POTD link)