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It just gets WORSE :(
March 8, 2007, 2:04 pm
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Mini update from last night….

Then THIS LINK will probably be updated later tonight with a blow by blow (with accompanying digital images of the laptop screen!) for the techies/geeks who are interested (and mainly for preservation and history for me too!!)

It Just Gets Worse!

This probably says it all – Restore CD won’t even work now either (it got to 27% of copying files and froze)

an IT/computer friend is picking it up tonight to see if he can fix/restore it

Next resort if Joe can’t restore it is to give it to the guy (neighbour of another friend) who retrieves data from crashed harddrives for a living

Last Resort – Jump on a plane and run away!!

Trying to be optimistic here – maybe I’ll lose some weight – can’t eat, still feel sick!

At least I’ll have my daily photos on Flickr for memories if I lose everything!!

Those of you expecting an email reply from me, well I have no email addresses!!

Send me a new one, so I can add you all to my webmail address book now too!!)


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