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Twix has a Boo- Boo – and we’re off Camping for 4 days
April 20, 2007, 7:59 am
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POOR Twix – she ripped one of her toenails off yesterday – OUCH

Not a peep or whimper, but I got off my bed (was furiously working on client website stuff before leaving for a 4 day camping trip along with 250 other people for our 7th annual Crosswaves Camping trip) and went out into the living room and thought I had entered a murder scene.


Took me a second to figure out which dog it was, as Twizzler had blood on her too (from walking around) but as soon as I looked as Twix (lying by the computer desk) I knew it was her – her outside front toe nail was pointing 90 degress out from the norm (getting squeamish again just typing this!) and hanging on by a thread.

I live 5 mins from the vet (phew) so got her there fast, they removed the toenail, gave her antibiotic shot and bandaged it up

Now she is getting uber lots of sympathy as she looks like she has a mini red cast (it’s actually soft/bandage)

She is also very adept on 3 legs!

Off camping now – no POTD till next week!


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