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Can You Tell ??
May 3, 2007, 5:43 pm
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…. that my MIL (mother-in-law) has a fake nose?

Can You Tell ??

OhMyGosh, I went with my MIL to Miami today to see Puchi – a Peruvian lady who created this AMAZING prosthetic nose for Joanie (removed due to cancer)

Joanie is my second Mum, I love her SO much – no REALLY!! Someone who actually ADORES their MOTHER-IN-LAW!!

This is Joanie’s 8th nose since her “Joanie’s Journey” began back in March 2004 (disclaimer, if you do go see this web page, some of the photos are GRAPHIC – be warned) and this latest one is by FAR the best one as far as colour match – if you didn’t KNOW she had one, I doubt you would even notice anything.

Puchi is simply amazing, I fell in love with her immediately, she’s my age, she’s a wife, she’s a mother and an she’s an artist and sculpturor – She has done all but the first of Joanie’s prosthetic noses… and they just keep getting better.

Puchi loves art and being creative, but she wanted to do more than ‘just be an artist’ more than just decorate peoples houses with her art and sculptures…. then she discovered her calling, how she could really ‘leave a legacy’ behind her and how to use her amazing artistic talent to ‘change lives’ ….

I so enjoyed talking to her today…. she told me that after the very first time she made a prosthetic nose for a cancer patient (approx 9 yrs ago) she went to her car and cried like a baby for an hour. She had found her leaving a legacy …. the gratitude of the patient at transforming him from a ‘grotesque monster’  to looking normal, giving him the ability to leave the house without embarrassment and continual stares overwhelmed her. She knew she was finally touching lives.

I am going to be doing her web site soon (probably prostheticartspecialist.com) to showcase this lovely woman and her amazing work… to get the word out so that she can touch more lives.


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