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The Secret to “The Ultimate Wedding Gift” as promised
May 23, 2007, 7:16 pm
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Money - the Heart of the Matter ! 

What do you give a couple that has everything they need already?
I’ve got the answer for you!!

I even asked my friend what she wanted, she said, we don’t need anything, but if you want to throw a few bucks in an envelope to help out with expenses that would be great. ….. so I like to please people and give them what they want, but ‘throw it in an envelope’ ?? not ME !!

I hereby present …..
The Ultimate Wedding Gift!
(it’s a labour of love though, took me about 5 hours!)

Since EVERYONE likes money, here’s a super creative way to give them money that totally TOPS just putting $40 in an envelope!

This photo shows an artistic arrangement of the final product, obviously I couldn’t give it to them in this form and did wrap each individually – if you want to see close ups of each bit, from beginning to end and everything that went into the gift with the accompanying letter that explained each part of the gift, then just click here to see it on my personal web site.

My friend called me the NEXT morning (ie ON her honeymoon!) to tell me how COOL and UNIQUE it was and how they LOVED it and LAUGHED their butts off too!

Yesterday’s blog entry shows the happy couple!


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