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It’s Snowing again!! and we’re off to England
June 3, 2007, 11:55 pm
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Not literally of course since I live in Florida!! 

Here is little Snow – a NEW Snow, a puppy Snow, a 10 week old Snow – She is adorable!

It's Snowing Again! 

That is one of those tiny small dixie cups next to her!

Another Maltese for my MIL (mother in law)

The kids and I have decided that she looks like a “Bella” and we all love that name, so we are going to call her Bella !!

Conversation goes like this

One-Of-Us: Hi Bella baby
MIL : Her name is Snow
One-Of-Us: Yes I know and I love the name Bella
MIL : But her name isn’t Bella though, it’s Snow
One-Of-Us: Yes I know, I’m so glad you called her Bella
MIL : Am I going insane?? Can you not hear me?


kidding aside, my MIL wanted to call her new puppy Snow after her last dog, also called Snow who went over the “Rainbow Bridge” about 10 days ago.

Won’t be posting any photos/blogs for a while, me and the family (hubby and 4 kids) are leaving on Tuesday to go to England for 3 weeks to visit my family and friends 🙂

Oh and today is also my 23rd wedding anniversary – we spent it doing very non-anniversary type things!! ….. packing, cleaning, preparing!! ….. preparing to go on vacation is exhausting!!

tootles ….