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Happy Smores Valentine’s Day :)
February 13, 2008, 9:48 pm
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My MIL’s dog Snow is living here chez Bertelson for a week, attending the much adored “Club Doggie Med” while my MIL is up in NC at the cabin. (Snow is supposed to be full Maltese, but she’s huge, looks more like a Coton de Tulear or Bichon to me – prob a mix)

Anyway she is 9mths old now and still VERY much puppy and my 2 Norries think she’s the most annoying thing on the planet !! LOL but they tolerate her well enough and MUCH “fromping” goes on! (note – fromping = frequent romping)

I call them the Smores pack – since Snow is the puffy Marshmellow, Twix (the Black and Tan) is the Chocolate and Twizzler (the Red) is the Graham Cracker – perfect Smore!

) They look so durn cute on our new black leather sofa, I added the dark red soft throw rug in honor of Valentine’s day tomorrow ….. I had my FIRST date with my hubby on Valentine’s Day – *28* YEARS ago …. and I’m still madly in love with him 🙂  … even if he drive me NUTS at times!


February 4, 2008, 7:25 pm
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Our dining room table is dying!! It was an old one of Nils’ parents anyway – it’s old, worn, scarred, painted and re-painted, chipped and well just plain grungy!  On top of that the chairs are falling apart too.  It’s not unusual to sit in a chair and the bar to dislodge and you sink to the floor !!

So we got a new table today – We decided NOT to get the leather chairs too because they were a dark chocolate brown and not black (which would match our new sectional sofa) so we will look for other chairs later. It is a wood base/legs with a marble top – it’s really cool to lie your face on too (it’s kinda hot here for February!!! and our AC is not on!

444 – 4 girls, 4 new haircuts, 4 new colours :)
February 4, 2008, 1:48 pm
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You all know how much I love matching numbers!! LOL

Here is ALL four of us together

4 Girls - 4 New Haircuts - 4 New Colours!

then individually

M as in Mum - New Do - Jan 2008      M4 as in Mackenzie - New Do - Jan 2008

M3 as in Madeline - New Do - Jan 2008      M2 as in Melanie - New Do - Jan 2008

I know Maddie doesn’t look 12 does she! and she looks SO much like Melanie now – there is 4.5 YEARS between them  and only 1 inch of height difference!!