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My boy is HOME – minus almost 60 lbs!
October 30, 2008, 11:54 pm
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He’s been gone for 6 months – we did get to see him briefly for a few days in NC early August. He was slimmer then, but NOW – WHOA – he looks SO slim and handsome …. no really, I’m not talking like a biased mum here – well maybe I am, but he looks magnificent and it’s SO great to see him, hug him.

My Son is home

He’s just gotten over being sick, so hopefully he won’t get the awful flu strain that Mel is getting over, Maddie has full blown and I think I’m getting!

My Son is home

After spending an hour or so with us (Nils at firestation) – Matt took off to make the rounds to see all his friends and such.

I missed my boy

I look like a WHALE, so I had to crop this photo above !!

My immensely slimmer Son is home


Why does it take a serious accident to make us do something we should have done a LONG time ago??
October 25, 2008, 5:01 pm
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We’ve lived at our house for almost 13 years now – BEFORE we moved in, my hubby and I watched the previous owner slip and bite the dust on this walkway (that they put in!!) – we should have removed it then … instead we put sandpaper like strips on down the center of it for grippage… but it’s still a deathtrap when it gets wet/it rains.

OK, so daughter Maddie sliced her foot open Thursday night (on the deathtrap, wet, front walkway) – she slipped on the wet tile and the edge/side of the tile filleted open the bottom of her foot – OUCH

For once Paramedic hubby was NOT on duty, so he cleaned it with peroxide and then used medical super-glue (dura-bond) to close up the gash (NOTE this is NOT the same as over-the-counter super-glue!!!)

Friday it looked bad and so I took her to the ER (Nils on duty so met us there – and yes we got star treatment!!)

Turns out she SHOULD have brought her to the ER the night it happened (within 6 hrs of accident) cos NOW they have to make sure it does not get infected before they stitch it up…

So they numbed up her foot (8 shots – OUCH!) and then SCRUBBED the living bee-jeez-ers out of the cut (opening it back up) to super clean it. Gave her an IV anti-biotic … RX for more anti-biotics and pain meds. We have to return on Sunday to check progress to see if it can be stitched.

OK so all THAT to say – TODAY when hubby got home from Firestation, he went to town to REMOVE the tile, no more deathtrap

Wanna see the gruesome foot pics?? – you can see them here …