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Stripping – the GOOD kind – LOL
November 2, 2008, 10:53 pm
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OK, so today was a GORGEOUS day – when I got home from church (trying diligently to NOT dwell or think about the fact that my BF Jenn is getting into her car this afternoon and MOVING to GA finally 😦 … I decided I would tackle the one chore that has been on the ToDO list for MONTHS!!

Stripping the Dogs – it’s how you have to groom them if you want to keep their coat integrity, ie wiry, dirt-repelling etc. You don’t cut/shave/trim them, you ‘strip’ them – this entails pulling out the longest hairs (they have a double coat) VERY few at a time, so it takes a LONG time!!

OK so below are both a recent photo of Twix and Twizzler (not the greatest photo, but you can definitely see thier hairy, shaggy coats) as well as a video of them partaking in their beloved pastime of ‘fromping’  …. you can see in the video as well how shaggy they are. Make sure you watch to the end though because it’s cute!

Twix & Twizzler - UN-stripped

Here is the VIDEO of them

This is Twizzler waiting for her dinner AFTER I spent 3 HOURS stripping her outside (gorgeous weather here in Florida) she looks like a new dog – half the size – she was SUCH a good girl!

Twizzler - Stripped - frontview

This is Twizzler from the side AFTER I spent 3 HOURS stripping her – you will notice the hairs hanging down under her belly – I did NOT pull/strip them – too tender, so hubby will trim there with the hair clippers when he gets home.

Twizzler - Stripped - sideview

and just because we CAN’T leave Twix out – here she is …. Twix waiting to be fed too – obviously I didn’t get around to stripping her as well – LOL – she’s – STILL a HAIRY monster!

Twix still unstripped!!


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