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The Media love my MIL Joanie :)
November 14, 2008, 12:11 am
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OK so today Joanie was interviewed AGAIN (see below for prior segment that has already aired) by ABC News (Miami WPLG station) for a story on cancer/prosthetics. 

Neither Melanie nor Kenzie wanted to be filmed in their school uniform (we went to MIL’s house right after I picked them up from school) but I was in some of the filming, but will probably end up on the cutting room floor!!

Below is the prior story that aired (on Nov 6th 2008) – the dog in the clip is OUR Twizzler !!!

First you will see an image I created showing the start and stop frame of the segments of Joanie. Just pull the thingy-ma-jig over to where it is on the image to get to where you need to (unless of course you want to hear the news for that day first – about 13 mins!!

The segment is about Joanie, her doctor and artist/sculpturer Puchi Noriega, (who uses her full fancy name in the clip!!)

I designed both Puchi’s art/sculpture web site (puchinoriega.com) and her prosthetics web site (prostheticartspecialist.com)

So now you can click HERE to open up the actual video in a new window (from the actual site) and match up the start button on that one to the image above


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