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CRUD – Fender Bender
December 17, 2008, 11:02 pm
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After I JUST sorted out some insurance/doctor’s office mess (after a week of being on the phone with UMPTEEM people) and I was feeling relieved, huge weight off my shoulders and then this happens – totally a ‘bad timing’ thing

I’m fine, I was only backing up at about 2 mph! I can’t believe my bumper got scrunched so much, her car has a tiny dent & paint scrape on her passenger side back door.

The other woman & I both backed out of our parking spots at the exact same time …. unfortunately (for me) her spot was 1/2 a spot further back than mine, so I hit her (as … Read Moreopposed to our bumpers hitting if we were exactly opposite each other or her hitting ME if I had been the one in the furthest back spot) ….. BUT she was not completely honest with the cop & so the police report has me at fault.

The female cop didn’t either understand, care or want to hear that there was no humanly possible way for us to hit bumper to bumper (which she said would have meant no fault etc) with our positioning – see below

then a diagram of the impact

Not sure if my insurance company will fight hers or not, either way my insurance will prob go up 😦


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