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Yeah we like Redbull, what’s your point?
January 31, 2009, 4:21 pm
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Yeah, we like Redbull !


2009 started off with a BANG!! – I mean that literally!
January 1, 2009, 3:46 pm
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 Everyone is fine – but the neighbours’ (about 10 houses or so east of us) Ted Shed is GONE though.

Not exactly sure how it started, I would assume a firework ember or something must have set it off (the owner and his wife [and *6* dogs!] were actually already asleep)
Unfortunately (for them) the shed had a BUNCH of imflammable stuff in it though (oxygen cannister, gas, etc) so there was at least 3 BIG explosions!!! – The flames were SO high !!!

Everyone BUT me on that golf cart are firefighters!! – We called it in to 911 and the nearest Firestation is only 1.5 miles away …. and then of course the 3 of them jumped in and helped the arriving firefighters setting up the hoses and hydrant etc … didn’t have my camera with me darn it, but did take a photo from down the street of all the lights and firetrucks once it was over (well the shed was out – well GONE actually!)

Thankfully the corner of their house that was next to the shed didn’t catch on fire.

Hubby and I and a couple of our neighbours/friends were driving around on their golf cart at midnight, honking and watching fireworks and stuff .